Fighting for change

Few years ago, I came back to my home city (Alytus, Lithuania) and I have decided to visit my teacher from childhood, after almost 10 years. We had an interesting discussion about a lot of things and at some moment she told me “you know what, I feel something there is inside of you that hasn’t changed since you were really young”.

She told me, that since I was really young, I was “fighting for the justice”. I have never stopped to think about it, but after reflecting a little more, I have realised that a lot of things were really related.

As I want you to understand better about what I mean, let me share with you an example that has happened to me recently. I was taking some course at my university and I had a teacher, who let’s say is thinking that everything that he is saying is going be okay, because no one is going confront him as people are “scared” as it could affect their grades. One day, teacher told us to print over 70 pages in a room of close to 100 people, which would be a total of 7000 pages. I asked him, if we could we have it in PDF file instead of printing, so we can save some trees and as we are at economics university and we are talking all the time about cost of opportunity would be more appropriate…  He replied to me in front of 100 people “Nothing is going happen if you will cut few more trees…”I was a bit in shock about his comment, so after the lecture, I have approached him and asked him if he realised that he is at higher educational institution and those comments are not the best in front of 100 people who are learning there. He has apologised and he has promised that it won’t happen again and he will try to find a way to do it for the next year in digital format, because it was not enough time to change it this year.

The idea behind is not that I wanted to have his apology, but I wanted to change his way of thinking that no one is going complain and by quiet, so he should be careful with those comments in the future. Moreover, it is not about just the way he is thinking, but also is about how is he treating the environment by printing that many pages when there is an alternative.

What I want with this post is mostly make you to understand that it is in your hands to change the world that we live in. Don’t be conformist, if you see something wrong somewhere, call attention about it. We are here in this world for making these positive changes, it is not just complaining, it is about changing the society in good direction.

My recommendation: be careful about the way you will transmit those advices, a lot of people don’t like be corrected.

Change your thoughts and you change your world – Norman Vincent


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1 year with FuckUp Nights Zaragoza

Time flies and it is already one year that FuckUp Nights Zaragoza exists. I won’t forget when I was starting this project in Zaragoza, a lot of people were saying, this is not going work in Zaragoza, people have different perception about failure… It is like tabu… but then I said, I don’t care. I like fighting for something that I believe in, even no one believes in, which is the most important.

I still remember when I got an email from Yannick (coordinator of FUN international) saying that I could start, by giving me few guidelines how it should work and then everything was on my shoulders. So I checked how other cities were working and I have started reflecting what I needed.

As I had some experience from previous projects, so I have decided that we were going need some more people as I couldn’t do everything by myself. Then I looked in my past and I remembered some friend of mine who worked with me at AIESEC in Zaragoza, who was really happy to join the initiative. The most important thing is having local people who know the city. We had someone who helped us a lot finding sponsors, speakers and places where to host our events.
At the beginning we had no funds, so we had to invest our own money, but after all year we recovered all losses, finishing the year with slight profit.

I will never forget this “logo”, which I made with my father, in order to save some money. Now I am an expert at making them, so if you need some help, just let me know!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 18.35.01.png

After few months working on the project, we had our first event. We end up with over 7o people attending the event and we got published at different newspapers, thanks to our team member who knew the press in the city.


After our first event, everything looked much easier, we saw the impact and people congratulated us for our efforts, idea and everyone saw big future for FuckUp Nights Zaragoza. We ended up 8 people working on it as volunteers, in order to make this positive impact in the city that I was looking for from the beginning. We had some difficult moments during the year with volunteers, which were related with motivation. Sometimes you need to think about all the team and if someone is not dedicating enough time, that can affect everyone, so you need to find someone else more motivated or with more free time.

In general, it is amazing to see how powerful is the idea of FuckUp Nights, how the culture that I saw in Sweden, having afterwork and learning at the same time, was established in Zaragoza.
It is funny to remember, but before starting this project I was talking with my ex teacher and I was complaining that I miss this networking way that we had in Stockholm and she said, why don’t you start it yourself? So we did it!

Talking about the recruiting, my recommendations would be for any job: identify clearly if people really like what they will do at the project as a team members. All of our members were working at the same time at their own jobs, but they were looking for something else to get involved. The most important is that they were working on something that they really liked it, within the role that they identified by themselves.

Some of them said that it was not work, it was a pleasure. Recruiting it MUST be done with clear job description and responsibilities.

After one year, it is time to go to another place, I need to move to another city but I am happy to see that my team is willing continue with this project even without me. It is nice feeling, coming to a city bringing the idea and letting it go with someone else. It is a bit sad, but also you feel proud about it because the impact will continue even without you.

Here is a picture of my team, which was like my family during the year. I had so many nights without sleeping, worried that things won’t go forwards, but after few events, I totally could trust my team and things were going forwards smoothly.


Anyways, life is continuing, new projects will come and I know that my team will do their best with the project. The last thing, this was possible only because my team, without them, I am no one.

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Abilities for successful dialogue – Rotary Club’s Leadership Academy – Git Guldare

Few weeks ago, I had a chance participating at one of the workshops delivered by Git Guldare, during one of the Rotary Club’s Leadership Academy events. It was about Successful Dialogue.

What is Dialogue?

It seems like an easy word but in reality is pretty complex as it is defined like: an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue where people are trying to reach an amicable agreement or settlement.

Now it does not sound so easy like it did before. In order to make it successful it is necessary to have certain abilities:

Listen: It is not easy task when you stop to think about it, it is not just listening but also understanding what other person is trying to transmit.

Respect: In order to be successful you are going need respect and debate different opinions, otherwise the dialogue won’t be successful, because as we said, you should end up with amicable agreement.

Wait: Give some time to reflect, in order to be able follow up, understand people’s ideas. Not just giving impulsive opinions.

– Talk genuinely and sincerely: well that is the key of success also, if you are not sincere you are not going be happy with the final outcome.

The model which shows different stages of dialogue is:

DialogueAt the beginning we start with monologues, where people express their opinions about some topics, but there are normally some conflicts on the way to successful dialogue, which can turn into mutual reflections in order to agree on something at the end.

The interesting thing about this model is that you can go back and forward from stage 1 to 3 until you really reach 4th stage, where we can agree that the dialogue has been successful.

This model is really simple, it is general overview of what we need to have in mind, but there are other external factors which could make it more efficient like previous preparation, experience in dialoguing, time availability that you have, really willingness to achieve this successful dialogue and much more.

I would like to reflect a bit more on time, willingness and previous preparation

Timing: how much time can you spend on this dialogue? As we said, it could go back and forwards from 1 to 3 until finishing it, you can spend a lot of time, so it is really important that you are no in rush, because you could not achieve this successful dialogue otherwise.

Willingness: How much do you want to have it successful? If you don’t really want it, you will never achieve stage 4.

Previous preparation: This is my favorite one! If you know who are you going debate with, then you can prepare yourself better, analyse what are the +/- aspects of the dialogue. Knowing who are you going debate with, imagine that you know that he could have difficulties to reach this successful dialogue, you could guide him through the process or even show the process to him in advance.

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Tired fixing computer of your relatives? – I have a solution!

Have you ever been asked by relatives/friends help them to fix their computers?
Do you think that is getting sometimes too much? I have a solution for you!

There is a program called “Deep freezer”, which allows you “freeze” the computer at some moment. What does it mean? It allows you have the computer in the same way that you had it when you froze it. Each time when you will restart the computer, your computer will be in the same way when you left it before freezing it.

+ Advantages:
They can download whatever they want, change setting in the way they want, but when they are going restart the computer, the computer will be in the same way that you had it before freezing it.

– Disadvantages:
All that you will download, change in settings, it will disappear when you will restart the computer.

– Solution for disadvantages:
You can divide you hard disk into two parts (disk C and disk D). In this case you will be able freeze the disk that you want with all programs, but then you can have another disk where you can just save everything that you download after freezing it, so it won’t disappear.

Sometimes people want to do some changes, like saving some passwords at browsers and so on. It is not a problem, you can unfreeze it, make changes and freeze it again.

Since I am using it, I am not worried anymore about support, because there is no way how something could go wrong. Good luck!


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Opportunities are EVERYWHERE – Do you need help?

I want to help other people in order to help them find out, how they can do what they want to do during their life, because I see a lot of people struggling with that. As I am not, so I want to give some advices for those who are interested.

First of all, I would recommend you start saying that whatever you will do, do it in the best way that you can. In this case, other people will see how good you are working and in long term, people will come back to you with propositions! All people want dedicated people, who are committed to what they do!

Again, you will never get a dream paid job at the beginning! It is just a market, no one pays a lot of money for someone without any experience. Try to engage to as many project as you can at the same time, attend all different networking events and ask people what are they doing and if you see something interesting, ask them how would be possible join them. I did that so many times and I end up with amazing projects!

Of course, I was without any experience at all, so I did that for free, in order to learn, but you always can work some extra job meanwhile if you really in need of money. Perhaps it would sound funny, but I would be willing to pay for some experiences, so working for free is not that bad, it is an investment for your future.

If you are coming from, let’s say, less developed country, try to go as much abroad as you can, to those more developed countries or even between similar developed countries. Look for possibilities for internships around you, there is a big added value for people who go abroad. Think in this way, if you are from less developed country or simply with lower stand of living, what can you lose by going abroad? It is always a plus once you will be back, imagine: new contacts, new culture and new friends…

If you are studying, go on exchange, don’t doubt about it! It is going be best experience of your life. You will learn a lot and it will open your mind to see more opportunities. At the same time join student organisations, it will help increase your students network, but in the future all of these people will end up in huge companies, with a lot of responsibilities, so as many people you will meet it will be much easier to work on different projects by connecting organisation, companies, projects…

Do you need more personalise advice? Ask me! I can help you with that! Make a step ahead. I was the first one scared, didn’t know where to find opportunities, so what I did, I asked for those who knew, they helped me and now it looks everything much easier.

No one is perfect, no one knows everything, but we are here to help each other.

Help each other

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Facebook Evolution

It is interesting to see how big corporation transforms. Once in time, November 2009, Facebook has incorporated option to create Facebook pages. I was 18 years old and I still remember that I came up with idea of how to take advantage of it.

At that point in time there was no option like now, in order to find all cities around the world on Facebook. I felt that in long term, that will happen, but I felt, it is like usual. First come first served. I end up creating all largest Lithuanian cities’ pages, some Spanish cities’ and some other popular ones and assigned administrators for each page. I saw how fast was moving forwards the number of followers at each page. I end up taking pictures and description from Wikipedia, and uploading them on Facebook pages. At some point in time, Facebook end up telling me that I was creating too many pages per day and they didn’t let me create more pages for some time! (yeah it did happen…)

After some time I have realized that Facebook has launched partnership with Wikipedia, doing the same thing, but at HUGE scale! Now you can find all cities at Facebook. I feel that I have contribute to this grow, but it is organic growth anyways 🙂

At that point in time I didn’t understand how big value I was creating, but at this point in time each city is followed with thousands of people. A lot of people are informed because of the administrator of each page.

Isn’t that amazing to be part of it?


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Business Development Summit in London, UK

My last words during the summit were “I am going be short: Thank you for reflection space, I have really enjoyed the co-creation space and I am looking forwards to see the impact in the network”

Now I am going be a bit more extensive, I will take this space more to reflect about what has happened during GEP Summit and I hope it will be useful for those who were not present there.

Everything has started on Tuesday, by getting lost on the way to the hostel, getting the cab for free in London, ending up in random party in order to charge my phone, get WI-FI and downloading map on my phone…

…The work has started on Wednesday morning, here we were arriving representative of 9 entities:


Robson Dazzi (AIESEC in Belgium), Vinicius Stringhini (AIESEC in UK), Tautvydas Zabulionis (AIESEC in Sweden), Viktoriya Lutak (AIESEC in Switzerland), Hans Hermann (AIESEC in United States), Matthew Feng (AIESEC in Mainland of China), Ines Koehler (AIESEC in Germany), Pedro Fernando Ortiz (AIESEC in Mexico), Siddharth Bubna (AIESEC in India) & Natalia Farfán Santos (AIESEC in Colombia)

– Global Coordinators:

Charlotte Cremers – Electrolux, Zuzana Jancovicova – Husqvarna Group, Leonam Espidola – Education First, Hiram Garcia – PWC, Jhair Julio Vega – Unilever, Alan Ibarra – TCS, Miona Cvetkovic – Alcatel-Lucent & Paritosh Bhatt – Wings On-board.

– AIESEC International

Kevin Cornwell – Global Vice President Business Development

Business Development Managers:

Orion Joss, Vishant Kothari, Rafael Carvalho, Zsofia Szabo & Tala Mansi.


Agenda was starting with get to know each other, expectations setting, short review of the new customers flow, updating GCs about new changes and reviewing JDs of each part (AI, GC, MC & LC).

After lunch break we have been divided into two groups: GC on one side and MCVPs on another side. We end up working on identifying all processes that are involved from companies HRs needs until trainee finish his internship. We have been divided into two sub-groups, one working before matching processes and another after matching.

We, MCVPs, have been analyzing AI, MC and LC’s responsibilities and GCs were working more on analysing new changes in their roles within all new GEP customer flows.

Was really interesting co-create all responsibilities that needed to be done during the new process, in this case we were feeling more committed to it, by having the ownership of it.

After that, we end up analysing different countries reality by giving feedback about the process.

Next day, with fresh mindset, we end up defining the value of each part of the process, which we were considering relevant to have, but this time we have exchanged on what we were working. In other words, group that was working on before matching, they end up analysing after matching and opposite way around.

We have defined added value of each responsibility during the process and who was the main responsible for each responsibility. At the end, we end up putting everything together and presented to GCs so we could get a feedback from their side.

During the last day, we have started the morning more about “next steps” as some of us were planning to stay still in AIESEC, other were looking for other professional experiences, so was more like sharing space about opportunities.

Last part of the day, was more creation of the outputs for the network in groups of people, which was really effective.

As I said at the beginning: good reflection space, looking forward for implementation and I am proud to be part of this change in our network, which will let us grow as never before! #unitednetwork #ThisChangesEverything

Soon you will receive more detailed output from AI Team, so you can have better understand about it.


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