Increase motivation by analyzing final impact

All of us we know, unmotivated employee means lower productivity for the company.

There are different types of motivation but I would like to talk about the one that I think is the most powerful: Inspirational

How can you inspire someone at the company? It is simple, make him understand that what is he doing is important for the company and how is affecting the world around him. Everyone is more motivated knowing that he is important element in the team or in this world.

In order to see that, we need to look at the final impact that our company, product/service is making, here you have few examples:

Management consultant – by teaching someone how to manage people you improve the environment at the company, you increase motivation of employees, you increase their productivity, you increase results at the company, you have happier employees, you have their families happier and that makes better world.

Bartender – by being professional bartender you will have happier customers, those happier customers will come back and will increase your profitability, but at the same time you are making better world around you, as those customers will be happier and they will be better with people close to them and that makes better world.

Factory worker – by working in breaks factory, you are making possible that other people can transport them self from point A to B, you connect people, you make people happier and the world itself is happier.

All of those small examples go to the same direction, you need to find your own way how to improve this world with what you are doing. Start thinking how what do you do, is making better place out of this world.
You can use it as auto-motivation but also is important tool in order to manage/lead your team

Everything is about making this world better place.



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