Importance of Confidence

If you don’t believe in yourself you won’t achieve even the smallest goal in your life!
Do you want to achieve something really hard? My recommendation is to don’t listen what other people think about it. If it is very hard, just few people have achieved it, so all recommendations around will be pessimistic.

Why do you need to have pessimistic opinions around you? That will just lower you self-confidence and that is the last thing that you need to achieve something really hard. 

You need to believe in yourself, you need to find the right motivation for yourself. Make it exited for yourself, think about it in the way you achieve it or it is everything over. You win or you win! Forget about possibilities to go back. Go for it and don’t look behind. Manipulate yourself, control your mindset, measure how close you are to succeed at it, give pleasures to your mind on the way that you will be getting closer to your goal.

What is clear is that you are going need to make sacrifices, but I ensure that if you really want achieve your goal it will be worth at the end! You will have self realisation and that is the most important someone could have in his life.

It is important be able to concentrate at it, avoid distractions, know your priorities and again say to your self: I can do it! Find the right way and don’t be scared, as harder is the goal, major pleasure you will have at the end!

No one else can motive you better then yourself!

If you can dream it, you can do it – Walt Disney


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Happiness – What does it mean happiness for you?

Few days ago I had interesting conversation about the happiness. We had it by asking one simple question and simple answer.

(X) – What is happiness for you?
(Y) – It depends.

So here it is how everything has started, but it made me reflect how happy I am and how small things can make me happier.

Here is a small list from 2 hours discussion…

– When people we know are safe and well
– When you are able to be yourself
– When you find the sock that was missing
– When you come back from work and find full fridge of food
– When you have really hot shower
– When you meet your friend/family after long time
– When other people trust you
– When you eat an ice-cream
– When you are coming back home tired and finally you can just go to sleep
– When you can make other people smile
– When you are doing what do you like
– When your plans are going in direction that you were expecting
– When you are working on some project with nice purpose behind
– When you think that you lost something but at last moment you find it
– When you discover new dish
– When someone tells you a compliment
– When you listen that old song from you childhood
– When you finally can undress/dress your hair in the way you like
– When it is warm outside
– When you wake up in the morning and you realize that you still have few minutes left to sleep
– When you adore your colleagues
– When you know what do you like
– When you discover new song
– When you fell in love
– When you travel to unknown country
– When you attend amazing conference
– When you change people’s life
– When you ride a bicycle
– When you discover that there is a way how to don’t iron shirts anymore
– When you feel comfortable with you body
– When you do something good for the society
– When you have place where to live
– When you have access to clean water
– When you come back at home with 1% of battery and you reach to plug in your phone before it turns off
– When you get a driving license
– When you create your first invoice/budget
– When you pay the first invoice
– When you go to sauna
– When you find amazing restaurant
– When you have friends all across the world
– When you get opportunity to start living in new country
– When you are enjoying talking with someone
– When you make original gift to someone
– When someone makes breakfast for you and brings it to the bed
– When you are coming back home and your mother prepares to you a lot of food and you don’t need to prepare anything
– When you move out first time from your parents place
– When you learn something new
– When you don’t need to do the laundry
– When you learn new language
– When you go to the party
– When you start working at your first office
– When you get more responsibilities
– When you meet new people


Try to say me that is hard to be happy… Happiness is everywhere, you just need to know what does it make YOU be happy 🙂


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Banking – How to save some money?

I think this is really important topic for everyone in the world, because sometimes we are not aware of what is happening at the banks.

How are they working? How are they making profit? How could you save some money? How much power do you have as a customer? How are they making profit even during crisis? 

So the purpose of this entrance is to teach you how to save some money. I was a bit surprise when I was talking with my friends and I saw that they were paying some commission for the bank and I was not. That is why I am trying to reach as many people as possible in order to help them understand that you can get everything for free and spend that money on something else.

Imagine if your bank charges you 20 euros per year. What would happen in 40 years? 20*40=800 euros and we don’t count inflation rate, which is annually around 2-3%. So it would be even more!

Do you know that you can negotiate at the bank? Bank is like a market. Even as small customer, you have different options how to don’t pay commissions.

Examples: If you lose the card and you tell them I lost the card. Then they will send you new card and they will charge money for it, but so simple could be if you tell them “someone has stolen my card“, they won’t charge you anything. If they would like to charge you, talk with them. Tell them that you don’t want to pay, make scandal of it and they will have an option to don’t charge for it. At the worst case tell them I will change the bank.

You know that the bank account that you have you always can change it. There are a lot of banks in the city and you know what, some of them they don’t charge anything at all. Everything for free: internet bank, card, account, transactions

Sometimes they request something from you:
– Be young, retired…
– Have fixed incomes
– Have some deposit
– Some permanent amount in the bank account

The bank is getting profit from your money when you deposit it, they just save small amount of it and then invest it somewhere else. So if you leave money and they are getting profit from it, you should at least ask for no commission at all or even interest rate for your money at your bank account, even small one.

Everything is possible, it is just looking around competition. Don’t be ignorant, don’t accept things because they are like this, look around you and in this way you will discover a lot of new things.


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Why do we do what we do

This simple question WHY?
It is so simple question, which helps you understand everything that you are doing.

Have you ever asked yourself why are you studying? Why are you working on something? Why do you even sleep or eat?

We are supposing a lot of things that we do them because we need to do them, because someone else is doing that or because it was always done.

It is the same about how do you do things. Why do you do something in one way? Someone has teached you, someone had put that in your head, but what about stopping for a while and thinking about how to do things differently. How to improve different processes.

Since I have started asking myself those questions it seems that all things look differently, it seems that everything is making more sense now, everything looks easier and simpler.

What I have realised is that a lot of people they don’t want to complicate their lives, they don’t care why they are doing things in one way. It is just because they have learnt that in some way. If you want to be different than others and improve the way that it was done something in the past you need to ask this question constantly “WHY”Don’t stick to old ideas/ways, improve them, we are here to make changes, this is how we evolve!

Sometimes when you will ask people why do they do something in one way they won’t be able to answer and that just shows that they are totally ignorant, they just accept things without questioning and at the end they even don’t understand what do they do.

It is funny to see that sometimes those things happen, but if you want to make everything simple, you going need to understand:

Why do we do what we do?
How do we do something?
What do we want to do?

Check this link:

This link had changed the way I perceive the life ❤ I hope it will help you also!


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The power of the network <3

Help, support, knowledge exchange, being human, believing in others ❤ Those are the key points which help to companies, organisations to grow!

Today I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life and I would like to say THANK YOU for that! It is simple, I just needed to know something, but by using my network I was able to get information without an effort!

Let’s think how personality of someone is built. Co-workers? Parents? Friends? Their own interests? Experiences? Teachers? All of those things together influence your personality.

So in my life, I had a lot of people who helped me out and helped me understand that without them I wouldn’t be the same. So right now I am the first one in helping out to others, because I believe that in this way we can change someone else lives. It could be organisation, it could be a companypersonality of someone everything! This is what you remember all the life.

I am the first one saying thank you for my parents, who gave me opportunity to go abroad, to my friends for all support, to organisations showing amazing business world, to all my network for supporting me, because this is about being human.

One day is for me and another day is for you, you shouldn’t help just because you want something in return. Helping it means:

give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; contribute strength or means to; render assistance to; cooperate effectively with; aid; assist: He planned to help me with my work. Let me help you with those packages

So be global, don’t keep your knowledge just inside yourself, share it, ask for things from others, this is how people will remember you and this is how we will make changes around the world! ❤


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My year as Vice President of AIESEC in Stockholm

I should start this summary with the word ENJOY, this word defines WHAT is AIESEC for ME!

I still remember that moment when I was elected as Vice President of Finance and I got all financially responsibility on my shoulders. I was not scared, it was more as challenge to make the best of AIESEC in Stockholm during past year.

dinnerinfo standç

I will never forget this first invoice I have created and this feeling that I am taking over this position, being responsible to decide where all the money will be spend and people simply will trust you. They knew that all advices were in order to make the best of AIESEC in Stockholm.

Everything has started during Engage Conference, elected EB attending it with a lot of excitement. Going without really knowing who are going be the one leading the organisation, coaching us, who will be other people, representing the same positions like you during upcoming year in other cities. Conference was great, we were looking into planning, different strategies, ways how  we would or should use our resources and capacity. 

We got amazing network, bunch of people willing to help us and learn, put in practice everything that we knew and of course, improve results from previous year.

After the conference, we got really inspired and here we were, coming back and putting all our knowledge in order to make things happen!

AIESEC Stockholm

I still remember that moment, after all weekend learning, after enjoying the conference asking myself loudly “Why don’t we organise the next conference?” So it was Katerina and me saying, let’s make it happen! Without looking at any numbers we said, we are going make it happen. Then Asel said, yes guys, we are AMAZING we going make it happen. So here we were, before leaving the conference, we knew that we had 4 months to make the next conference happen!

We have spent intensive months working, but I really ENJOYED IT, I think all of us we have ENJOYED IT. We were there three 4 of us, making recruitment and with MC help WE MADE IT. I just want to recommend to everyone, you just need do things that really scare you. If something doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”so if you are scared, that will develop you, so you need accept those challenges.

aiesec stockholm 2raquel

Organising conference was one of the best experiences of the year, I was feeling part of MC, bringing sponsor by using my own network.

After conference has ended here it was AIESEC in Stockholm, waiting for us, another big challenge. Things were going really well with high motivation, with a lot of members working at different projects, there were always challenges during the time but things were going forwards, but I was missing something… I wanted more responsibly, more projects to work at AIESEC in Sweden. So I have decided that I would like to lead the national board next year!

I have started looking into application process, talking with MCP, MCVPs and the new applicant for MCP. She was encouraging me to apply, but she advised me to take in mind that is high competition this year, so a had to be ready for it, but I was happy to have competition, I love competing!
I have spent long time re-doing my application, really excited about it. I have learnt a lot about the position meanwhile I was applying for it, because I took some time to think about it, what I would like to change, improve and implement! Was amazing! I had hard times also, I was worried a lot about my public speaking skills and my English skills. I had moments thinking perhaps I won’t make it, perhaps I shouldn’t do that… It was challenging, I was scared, but I got one of the best advise form Tomas Lindqvist MCP from AIESEC in Sweden. It was like all things, simple advise which made me think a lot. He said “You know Tau, you just need to hope the best for the organisation, then people will elect you

So I did my best and here it was me going to the conference without having a speech,  ready to do my best, willing to share WHAT I WAS FEELING inside, WHAT I want to DO, WHAT I BELIEVE IN, very emotional and ready to show LOVE to AIESEC in Sweden!


I knew that I am going be the last one in presenting my speech in front of AIESEC in Sweden so before leaving, I was going on the way and thinking what shall I do in order to reach them inside they hearts. I came up like usual, with SIMPLE IDEA, perhaps that made me be different from others candidate, I will come back to that later.


So during all conference I was thinking about my speech. I still remember sitting me in the room saving some “special strategy” for being the last one in presenting and here we had those 14 applicants from all across the world applying for MCVP positions. We had EVERYTHING there: creativity, real professionals, amazing strategies, amazing speeches and I was ready to try making it even better!

And then… it was my turn and I had 20 min do MY BEST! I knew that I need to impress with something everyone, they were sitting for hours listening others! People started applauding me and I was coming with one chair in my hands above my head. So I sit in front of everyone and time started to run! Just 20 min! So I said guys, I need your attention, I need you with me! Please stand up! All people followed me then I said let’s jump, stretch yourself and sit down. All people were following me. Was amazing! And then I had my “special strategy” as I have them already with me.

It was time to inspire them, get them with me during my speech. I was shining with my energy and my positivism was 200%, then I said:
– I have an amazing IDEA, which could make double budget for AIESEC in Sweden during next year. Small investment, small risk, but with not that high probability. Imagine how many amazing things we could make with double budget! That IDEA was inside one envelop, which I told them that I would show them at the end.
Then I put it on the table. All people were following that envelop with their eyes. BUT, then I said, that idea is just idea, but there is a STRATEGY behind which I shared very energetic, by interacting with other people during my speech, very inspiring and feeling very proud of what I wanted to do during the next year.
It was totally different speech from others and I just enjoyed it, here it is some short part of it if you want to discover it. It will stay always inside me this presentation, but this AMAZING idea at the envelop was “Lottery ticket” for AIESEC in Sweden which could bring this double budget, it is just something that motivates us, inspire us to achieve BEST results with our strategies.

The process was still going, interviews, study case in 48 hours, extra study cases and there was a question that I will never forget it in my life What is the word that define AIESEC for you?“. When I wanted to say it, I started crying at the same time because of happiness, and it was ENJOY.

After all the processes MCPe invited me to come to the office to talk and I came quite confidence and then she told me “I would like you to join AIESEC in Sweden board”, but the first thing that I said “I have a QUESTION”, “Can I ask you in which position do you want me to be?” and then she said Finances and Global Partner Manager, so I said YES. I had no external emotions at that moment, happiness was inside me but I couldn’t believe that it was happening.

Finally I was part of MC for 2014-2015 ❤


Things were going really nice, we have achieved amazing results, so far we had one of the best outgoing exchange results from AIESEC in Sweden. It was really exciting for everyone as we put so much effort into sending those people abroad!

I had opportunity to attending amazing international conference in Poland, called EuroXpro. It was one of the best experiences of my life… I wrote the blog entrance for it so I won’t comment anything on it here, but here you can see few pictures from it.


During the year at AIESEC in Stockholm, I was the first one in introducing this blue man in my LC, was amazing experience and we really could spread awareness about AIESEC. I had a lot of fun doing that, it was some marketing campaign walking around university campus, giving out business cards and all people were talking about us!

blue man

And now, the year is going to the end… We are giving responsibilities to others and we keep going forwards, we are starting with transitions and we are leaving our best experiences of our life, with the best moments and now we are inspiring others to keep joining this amazing journey.


I was so happy when I got the best award in my life, Most Inspiring AIESECer at AIESEC in Stockholm! It is a pleasure to receive it, because I really love AIESEC and I strongly believe that if we love something, we can transmit it better to other people ❤


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Thank you McDonald’s – the best youth, extra job company!

Since I am 12 years old, I have spent part of my time working some extra jobs, just in order to have some “extra” money. I have been working in different countries and different companies and I end up at McDonald’s also. But before that…

I still remember, when I just came to Sweden, I was studying, working at a lot of organisations but also I was looking for some extra job. It was necessary because the country isn’t so cheap. Of course I could live from my money that I have saved previously but also working 10 hours per week is not that bad idea.

I was working somewhere else before, but finally I ended up thinking about applying for McDonald’s. So what I did, I just went to their website and I have applied for all position that they had available in Stockholm, around 15 that time, end of 2012.

I had the interview, all things were going well but then they have asked me about “personalnummer“, it is swedish registration number, which I didn’t have at that time. After everything, the person responsible for HR told me, come back when you will have it and we will hire you, because without that is not possible.

So I spent one year working some other places, as a foreign, without swedish wasn’t that easy, but after a while I got “personalnummer” and then I have approached them again.

It was everything so fast, one the day the email, another day interview and after 10 min I was signing the contract. I have started working there after 1 week!

Let’s analyse what McDonald’s offers to you:

Base salary is: 111.40 SEK
** OB1 is always 19,80:- extra / hour and as follows:
– Monday – Friday between 20.00-01.00
– Saturday between 16.00-01.00
– Sunday 06.00-01.00 ( all day long )
** OB2 is always 37,20:- extra / hour and everyday of the week between 01.00-06.00

100 SEK = 11,06€ = 15,22 $ = 38,19 LT

I got a job during the night ship, during the weekends, just 8 hours per week (I could choose even less) so the night ship is the best paid! I was very happy, I had time to do all my professional things during the week, then go out with my friends during the weekend and then work few ours before going home. Was perfect option!

Working conditions: I am impressed!

– High flexibility
– People high motivated
– International environment
– Team working
– Rotational programme through stations
– No swedish requiered
– Discounts for the products

I couldn’t find a reason why to quit from this place as extra job. When I wanted to have day off, I just had to call them in advance. If I wanted to work more, I just had to apply for it. When I wanted to quit, no problem, just tell them in advance.

Even that it is just extra job, but the treatment that they had with the workers is one of the best that I have ever seen.

We can say that McDonald’s offered to me possibility to stay in Sweden without spending my money until I got some other job related with my background.

Thank you for giving me this chance, McDonald’s!


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International Business Student Week with Stockholm University School of Business

International Business Student Week with Stockholm University School of Business

Amazing initiative, I really have enjoyed this week and it is still not the end…

I just want to spread awareness about this event and great opportunities that brings to everyone who join it!

Benefits? MANY!

○ Expand your network across the Europe
○ Discover/visit different companies
○ Work on different business cases
○ Get professional advises
○ See opportunities after graduation
○ Get professional contacts
○ Have fun!

Just for mention few companies that were present: Ethical Council at AP Fonden, Handelsbanken, IKEA and much more!

I really like “Ethical Council at AP Fonden” presentation and debate!

We saw how the money that we are paying for our pensions is managed by them investing in different companies, funds and so on.

Why do they invest this money? Because they need to cover the gap between what are we paying to make sustainable pension funds and what we really need per year. It is so amazing how they analyse all details about the company that they want to invest in. They are not just analysing, but they are also giving advices to companies how they can improve in order to be more sustainable at long term. Isn’t that amazing?

It is like consultant company, which gives you advises what should you do in order to run better!

I really like the diversification that they had, I totally agree that is the key of succeed and even more when you are working with that amount of money. We saw how important is to have it separated from the governmental funds, even that the government is interested in that money, but that belongs to everyone who paid it, not to the government.

in general, all IBS Week it is very educational, very BUSINESS so don’t lose this change next year!

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Summary of my year at ESN SUS as President

I still remember one of my first meetings in June, sitting with Safi Sabuni & Jonathan Jelves at KTH and where they were encouraging me re-start ESN SUS.

At that moment I had just our official email, the section registered at University and bunch of contacts that I could use in order to have some support. My main preoccupation was, how should I start the organisation without the money, where I am going to get money from… but they told me, don’t worry about the money. Focus on making things happen and then the money will come to the organisation.

After a couple of weeks I got an email from Scanbalt that they were willing to work with us. They were offering us some initial bonus to start and some nice deal for all the year for making promotion for their tours. Then was the moment that I though EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Of course, I couldn’t make everything alone so I started looking around for some help. Who could help me out with the idea of ESN SUS? I have approached few of my friends and then we saw some external Dj who was active in the city. We had the meeting, everything was really nice, all people were so excited about the idea but we had to keep working, in order to make it happen.

We were 4 people, starting the idea in June, but the problem was that we were not known. We just got our logo, we started to spread awareness on social media and of course, starting planning for upcoming year.

Our strategy was firstly be known by providing services that people were looking for. In July we had already planned events for end of August and September. As we were just few people we have started organising a lot of parties, because this is what international students were looking for at the beginning: parties, hangouts and other interactions with other students.

So things were a bit in rush, a lot of events and just few people working on it. Was very exhausted, so it was time to get more people helping out. We did our recruitment during end of august. We got amazing people and we have increased the team, even doubling it.

At the beginning it was just party organisation, making two parties per week but when we got more people helping out, we could focus more on other events, this is our goal as ERASMUS STUDENT NETWORK. We are taking care about international students by providing them different activities with local and international students. That makes them understand different cultures, make friendships, expand network, enjoy their exchange program and much more…

We have started working more with other activities, we were not just known as party organisation. We still were struggling during first semester because we were not that much known and as we were not enough people, but everything has changed after half year. We got even more people involved, around 20 people and there is when we could improve all recruitment processes, complete our internal structure, communication management, finances and all development of our business model went much better.

With more people finally we were able to start working on other projects, by that increasing engagement of international students with social initiatives, cultural activities and of courses in general, improving the quality of our events. As we were already know by students, we have decided decrease the amount of the events and increase the quality to provide better service, so we could by known by quality.

Things were going in good direction, thanks to all the team efforts and all external supports. Right now, finally we got new President Elected for upcoming year Alessandro Tedesco and I am feeling that I am leaving my position, as a President more than cover with him.

He is full of ideas, he enjoys what he does and I believe that he will make next year memorable also.

It was really funny discussion with him about why I was the President at ESN SUS. He was the first one thinking that something was strange, I didn’t enjoy parties/events, I was there but was not the same and then I told him. I enjoy making things happen, when it is challenging, when we need to do things, but when everything is ready, I just want to make sure that things are going in good direction.

So it was challenging year, but all the team we made it possible

My advice: make good recruitment by recruiting self-driven people that you can trust and think about good strategy.



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EuroXpro 2014

Finally I got some time to sit down…

When people ask me how was it, it is hard to explain for someone who is not AIESEC’er… it is even hard to explain for someone who is AIESEC’ers…

It was a conference with almost 300 people from almost 50 countries. Each person who where there were elected as LCP (Local Committee President) or MCVPs (Vice-president of member committee) well.. this says nothing for non-aiesec’ers…

LCP, is a person who is leading a team from 10 people till 100 people or even more…

MCVPs, is a person who is leading from 50 people till 3000 people or even more…

Imagine, coming to the conference and seeing so many amazing people around you, who are just elected to represent organisation from AIESEC from different countries for upcoming year and this is not everything… they going be the one providing opportunities to other people develop themselves, by working as volunteers inside the organisation with Finance, Sales, HR, Marketing, Couching, Business Development, Recruitment and much more… Isn’t that amazing?

So what do we do in AIESEC? Provide opportunities to other students by going abroad within professional field or help to community with volunteering programs. Now you understand why we are the biggest in the world!

So why this EuroXpro conference? Well, this conference is organised in order to bring people from different regions, so they can understand where AIESEC is going for the next year. What is already planned with all MCP (Member Committee President) from different representatives from different countries, main responsible, president at country level who represent AIESEC. (yeah it is not that easy to explain for someone who is not AIESEC’er)

So what do we do there? We share how do we work, what could be done, why do we do what we do, what could be improved, what shouldn’t be done and how other things could be done! We have spent one week talking about work, yes WORK, but we LOVE WHAT WE DO. This is why we are there, because one of our VALUES is ENJOYING PARTICIPATION! We work because we want to change things in the world, because we believe that there are lot things that could be improved and we are willing to be part of this change.

BUT we are NOT ALONE. We deal with largest companies in the world, they LOVE US! They love what we do, they want to work with US, they SUPPORT US, they want to CONTRIBUTE to make this IMPACT even LARGER! They are the one who are looking for TALENT, they are the one PROVIDING those internship opportunities, they are the one making those AMAZING WORKSHOPS, they are the one making those conferences possible. They are the one helping us financially, because it is not easy SURVIVE as non-profit organisation as we have so huge ambitions and we have so many people helping out!

Just to mention few companies who helped us to make it possible: Google, DHL, TATA, Microsoft and much more, with amazing speakers from across the world… It is just amazing to see so many people willing to help us to make it possible!

We had amazing workshops in order to debate how to solve world problems, how those big companies could make this impact also! It is not just profit, it is impact in the society that really matters. They love our VALUES and they SEE that those values are important to us, so they want implement those values in their business model in order to attract those amazing people after their journey in AIESEC.

Why? Because we enjoy making business, this is other way of working!

It is just positive energy during all the conference, we dance, we sing, we cry, we experiment different cultures habits, we become friends and we become united after this week BUT it is NOT EVERYTHING.

Then we need to go back to our country that we represent and TRANSMIT that to our members who voted us in order to represent them, then all network is aware about what should be done. Everything has clear connection with people behind.

That is why I love AIESEC, because AIESEC is about the people and we have clear goals, making positive impact around the world!

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