Opportunities are EVERYWHERE – Do you need help?

I want to help other people in order to help them find out, how they can do what they want to do during their life, because I see a lot of people struggling with that. As I am not, so I want to give some advices for those who are interested.

First of all, I would recommend you start saying that whatever you will do, do it in the best way that you can. In this case, other people will see how good you are working and in long term, people will come back to you with propositions! All people want dedicated people, who are committed to what they do!

Again, you will never get a dream paid job at the beginning! It is just a market, no one pays a lot of money for someone without any experience. Try to engage to as many project as you can at the same time, attend all different networking events and ask people what are they doing and if you see something interesting, ask them how would be possible join them. I did that so many times and I end up with amazing projects!

Of course, I was without any experience at all, so I did that for free, in order to learn, but you always can work some extra job meanwhile if you really in need of money. Perhaps it would sound funny, but I would be willing to pay for some experiences, so working for free is not that bad, it is an investment for your future.

If you are coming from, let’s say, less developed country, try to go as much abroad as you can, to those more developed countries or even between similar developed countries. Look for possibilities for internships around you, there is a big added value for people who go abroad. Think in this way, if you are from less developed country or simply with lower stand of living, what can you lose by going abroad? It is always a plus once you will be back, imagine: new contacts, new culture and new friends…

If you are studying, go on exchange, don’t doubt about it! It is going be best experience of your life. You will learn a lot and it will open your mind to see more opportunities. At the same time join student organisations, it will help increase your students network, but in the future all of these people will end up in huge companies, with a lot of responsibilities, so as many people you will meet it will be much easier to work on different projects by connecting organisation, companies, projects…

Do you need more personalise advice? Ask me! I can help you with that! Make a step ahead. I was the first one scared, didn’t know where to find opportunities, so what I did, I asked for those who knew, they helped me and now it looks everything much easier.

No one is perfect, no one knows everything, but we are here to help each other.

Help each other


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