Why are we in such a rush to finish our university degree?

Again, we are following patterns from the past, when the labour market was requiring just graduated people, with no experience and was offering amazing possibilities to everyone.

Right now the situation is different, we see that labour market is changing, it is full of people with a lot of experience and just the best candidates can access to different positions.

Do you want to get a job in the future? So what about starting to analyze backwards?

Does university degree will guarantee you a job? No.
Is it difficult to study all subjects at the same time and get good grades? Yes.
Is it difficult to study part time and get some extra job in order to live independent and save some capital? No.
What do you need in order to get a job at “good company” ? Experience, contacts.
Where can you get experience? At labour market.
Where can you get contacts? At labour market.
How can you access to the labour market? Thousands of ways..

Imagine that you are studying 50% and you are working at the same time 10-20 hours per week and you are involved in some other projects or student organisations.

What does it bring to you?
1) You are going enjoy studying more as it is not going be so stressful and you will be able to work on something related with your studies.
2) It will bring better understanding of what are you studying and where can you apply it.
3) You will be able to try different positions that you want, before entering the labour market, so you will discover what you really would like to do after you will get your degree.
4) You will get professional experience.
5) You will meet a lot of young people who will be working at important companies in the future (student organisations)
6) You will learn a lot from different people across the world.
7) You will travel a lot with student organizations as they subsidize you for traveling around the world to different countries for conferences.

I was also the one coming to university and thinking let’s hurry up and finish the degree as soon as possible so I can go to the labour market, thinking that doing it in few years more is not good… Everyone is trying to finish it in less years is possible, but what afterwards?

A lot of my friends they have finished their degree and they can not find the job because top position are requiring experiences that they don’t have. I have been working with HR and 70-80% of students are coming without any experience at all and they want to get an internship, but other 20 % of people are coming with experience and they directly get it.

So what is the point to hurry up? What about enjoying?

Do you think that some consultancy company or working some internship is going bring you such as amazing network, possibilities to travel, conferences, memories like joining: AIESEC, ESN, BEST, IAESTE and others organization?

I can ensure that it won’t.

All of those experiences have extremely big value if you will achieve high position in some organisation or even at few of them.

What do you need in order to achieve those positions? Commitment. Like for everything in this life.

What are you waiting for, get professional experience before trying to get a job. Don’t run to get into one company and stuck there forever, you will end up doing repetitive job… All of us we know that.

You are the writer of you life book! Enjoy what you do and you will achieve what do you want in your life 🙂

Student life is the best ever so what about checking maximum time that you can study at university and enjoying it more by being more relaxed than just running all the time and don’t having time for anything?

Life is simple – Live it and enjoy it!



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1 Response to Why are we in such a rush to finish our university degree?

  1. Lisa says:

    I love it, I can really relate to this. Well written, Tau!

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