Tired fixing computer of your relatives? – I have a solution!

Have you ever been asked by relatives/friends help them to fix their computers?
Do you think that is getting sometimes too much? I have a solution for you!

There is a program called “Deep freezer”, which allows you “freeze” the computer at some moment. What does it mean? It allows you have the computer in the same way that you had it when you froze it. Each time when you will restart the computer, your computer will be in the same way when you left it before freezing it.

+ Advantages:
They can download whatever they want, change setting in the way they want, but when they are going restart the computer, the computer will be in the same way that you had it before freezing it.

– Disadvantages:
All that you will download, change in settings, it will disappear when you will restart the computer.

– Solution for disadvantages:
You can divide you hard disk into two parts (disk C and disk D). In this case you will be able freeze the disk that you want with all programs, but then you can have another disk where you can just save everything that you download after freezing it, so it won’t disappear.

Sometimes people want to do some changes, like saving some passwords at browsers and so on. It is not a problem, you can unfreeze it, make changes and freeze it again.

Since I am using it, I am not worried anymore about support, because there is no way how something could go wrong. Good luck!



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