Asbru – AIESEC in Sweden & AIESEC in Denmark

I still remember EuroExpro conference and conversation with President of AIESEC International telling me that he would like to see nordic countries strong, with relevant in the network like in the past.

That was just before starting my term, was hard to imagine that we will be working with other country together, as I haven’t even started to work with our own country, Sweden.

But this is AIESEC, this is what we do in one year. In April we just met each other, those awkward moments and here we were in September, already planning to make this conference happen. Here was Anna Clante, proposing the idea on the table and me evaluating possibility to make it happen. Is it financial sustainable? What does our network think about this idea? Can we bring people all across Sweden to Denmark? What would be the value for our members to host this conference together?

Here it was us who have received the approval from 8 cities who were more than willing to host it together. Financial estimations were showing that making this conference it is financial sustainable by bringing 50 people to Denmark. We have been looking into different options, bring everyone by public transport separately or renting the bus in Stockholm and picking up everyone on the way to Denmark, but was still expensive. Then I have remember one of my contacts, partner “Scanbal Experience” who has helped me to start at that time called ESN SUS, by sponsoring us and starting the partnership in order to provide trips for ERASMUS students. “Scanbal Experience” has sponsored us also for Youth to Business in Stockholm during the term 2013-2014. I like this company, because they care about people.

This time we were looking into how to start our collaboration in order to provide better experience for our trainees in Sweden by offering them weekend trips to other places as companies were asking us to arrange it for them. What we did, we have contacted him in order to ask if they could provide us a bus in order to go to Denmark.
I was thinking, why should I contract private company if I have one of my partners who helped me in the past? I would rather help to someone who helped me in the past than use external company. But guess what? By willing to help other people I end up saving 35% in the bust cost. Isn’t that amazing? We end up bringing the bus from Estonia to Sweden by boat and crossed all Sweden all the way to Denmark for almost 1000 KM. Crazy vikings!! 

At the end we were ready, we saw that is financial sustainable to go 50 people, but we end up with only 35 people from Sweden, but at the end, we end up picking up more delegates in Denmark so we could make it more sustainable.

5th of December – Stockholm – Aarhus

Umea was arriving by plan to Stockholm, Gothenburg was joining Jonkoping the day before by train, Kalmar was joining Lund by train also. Some of them were having exams the same day and they were willing to come by plane all the way to Aarhus, just to don’t miss this opportunity to have this conference together!

23:00 Stockholm
01:30 Linköping
03:30 Jönköping
07:30 Lund0
9:00 Copenhagen
14:00 Aarhus

7th of December
15:30 Aarhus
19:00 Copenhagen
21:00 Malmo
22:00 Lund
01:00 Jönköping
03:00 Linköping
05:30 Stockholm

Was amazing to see both countries working together, over 100 people working on the same. Make impact in the world, change people’s lives, develop future leaders, willing to expand their networks, willing to learn more about their operations and willing to elect both countries Presidents in Denmark for the year 2015-2016. In AIESEC we believe that we can make things that others think are impossible and we want to be known by what do we do, how do we do and why do we do.

Most of us we have joined AIESEC for simple reason. We are getting tired just to be studying and we want to make impact in the world. I have spent all the way talking with delegates from Sweden about why did they join AIESEC. Most of them have stated: I want to get professional experience before getting into the labor market, other they just wanted to feel fulfilled by doing something important for society. I personally joined AIESEC because it was too easy, as I have been already working and at the same time studying and I wanted make impact in society and get professional experience.

I will never forget one of the sales directors from Iberdrola. I was like 18-19 year old, I saw the way how he was inspiring people to sell gas, electricity and maintenance contracts by promising them luxury life, amazing cars and succeed. Then I have approached him to ask afterwords. Why should I sell your product if I have everything? He told me, then you shouldn’t sell it. Perhaps it is not your product, perhaps you should create your own non-profit organisation and perhaps you should help other people. I have been working with them like for 3 months and then I quit because I didn’t believe in what I was selling.

And here I am know, willing to change people lives, willing to connect countries in the world in order to make positive impact and feeling happy by doing that, feeling that I have found the right place were I belong. So this conference was just a small step in order to start connecting all the nordics once again.

”We are nordics, we are nordics, we are far away from home, we are highly obnoxious so leave us alone..”




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