Facebook Evolution

It is interesting to see how big corporation transforms. Once in time, November 2009, Facebook has incorporated option to create Facebook pages. I was 18 years old and I still remember that I came up with idea of how to take advantage of it.

At that point in time there was no option like now, in order to find all cities around the world on Facebook. I felt that in long term, that will happen, but I felt, it is like usual. First come first served. I end up creating all largest Lithuanian cities’ pages, some Spanish cities’ and some other popular ones and assigned administrators for each page. I saw how fast was moving forwards the number of followers at each page. I end up taking pictures and description from Wikipedia, and uploading them on Facebook pages. At some point in time, Facebook end up telling me that I was creating too many pages per day and they didn’t let me create more pages for some time! (yeah it did happen…)

After some time I have realized that Facebook has launched partnership with Wikipedia, doing the same thing, but at HUGE scale! Now you can find all cities at Facebook. I feel that I have contribute to this grow, but it is organic growth anyways 🙂

At that point in time I didn’t understand how big value I was creating, but at this point in time each city is followed with thousands of people. A lot of people are informed because of the administrator of each page.

Isn’t that amazing to be part of it?



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