Real friends – will stay forever

Friendship – Is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.

After been living in few countries and meeting people from all across the world I feel that everyone are my friends. I love meeting new people but sometimes is hard to follow up, you end up don’t remembering people’s names, don’t remembering even faces but what stays inside you are the memories of what have you been doing together. Almost always the craziest memories! 

I would like to encourage you to know as many people as you can during your life and don’t be scared, shy about forgetting their names. We have social media which is helping us to find them easily, keep in touch, share your moments with people that you care from all over the world. (Tips: I end up looking by events, between mutual friends, then looking into all pictures and you can find their names easily!)

I have been contacting people that I have met on social media 8-10 year ago, which I have never met them in the real life! Few years ago, I have started meeting them in real life and it was amazing to see how nice it was actually meeting them. At the beginning I was worried about how it would be, if we will have something to talk about and so on… but in fact was the best thing that I ever did!

I have learnt so much from everyone, it is the best book when people are sharing their own life stories, experiences, frustrations & happiness moments.

My recommendations, try to find some time and look behing! Who have you met that you haven’t spoken for years or you haven’t spoken ever? What about meeting them again or meeting them in person for the first time? Don’t be scared, it is going be amazing!
I end up visiting my teachers from kinder-garden, schools, universities! They are my best friends, we talk even on the phone about investments, life advices, political situations and work issues. I feel that I am “indebted” so much to my teachers, without their dedication, I wouldn’t be the same person, their effort made me who am I right now.

I just want to apologise for those that we haven’t spoken for a long time, but also I just want to say that it should be mutual! I want you to understand that it is normal if we are living this life full of changes, meeting new people, living in different countries and of course, we need to go forwards but as I said don’t forget look behind.

Real friends will stay friend what ever will happen during the life ❤

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy 2015 – Hugs from Stockholm

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