Business Development Summit in London, UK

My last words during the summit were “I am going be short: Thank you for reflection space, I have really enjoyed the co-creation space and I am looking forwards to see the impact in the network”

Now I am going be a bit more extensive, I will take this space more to reflect about what has happened during GEP Summit and I hope it will be useful for those who were not present there.

Everything has started on Tuesday, by getting lost on the way to the hostel, getting the cab for free in London, ending up in random party in order to charge my phone, get WI-FI and downloading map on my phone…

…The work has started on Wednesday morning, here we were arriving representative of 9 entities:


Robson Dazzi (AIESEC in Belgium), Vinicius Stringhini (AIESEC in UK), Tautvydas Zabulionis (AIESEC in Sweden), Viktoriya Lutak (AIESEC in Switzerland), Hans Hermann (AIESEC in United States), Matthew Feng (AIESEC in Mainland of China), Ines Koehler (AIESEC in Germany), Pedro Fernando Ortiz (AIESEC in Mexico), Siddharth Bubna (AIESEC in India) & Natalia Farfán Santos (AIESEC in Colombia)

– Global Coordinators:

Charlotte Cremers – Electrolux, Zuzana Jancovicova – Husqvarna Group, Leonam Espidola – Education First, Hiram Garcia – PWC, Jhair Julio Vega – Unilever, Alan Ibarra – TCS, Miona Cvetkovic – Alcatel-Lucent & Paritosh Bhatt – Wings On-board.

– AIESEC International

Kevin Cornwell – Global Vice President Business Development

Business Development Managers:

Orion Joss, Vishant Kothari, Rafael Carvalho, Zsofia Szabo & Tala Mansi.


Agenda was starting with get to know each other, expectations setting, short review of the new customers flow, updating GCs about new changes and reviewing JDs of each part (AI, GC, MC & LC).

After lunch break we have been divided into two groups: GC on one side and MCVPs on another side. We end up working on identifying all processes that are involved from companies HRs needs until trainee finish his internship. We have been divided into two sub-groups, one working before matching processes and another after matching.

We, MCVPs, have been analyzing AI, MC and LC’s responsibilities and GCs were working more on analysing new changes in their roles within all new GEP customer flows.

Was really interesting co-create all responsibilities that needed to be done during the new process, in this case we were feeling more committed to it, by having the ownership of it.

After that, we end up analysing different countries reality by giving feedback about the process.

Next day, with fresh mindset, we end up defining the value of each part of the process, which we were considering relevant to have, but this time we have exchanged on what we were working. In other words, group that was working on before matching, they end up analysing after matching and opposite way around.

We have defined added value of each responsibility during the process and who was the main responsible for each responsibility. At the end, we end up putting everything together and presented to GCs so we could get a feedback from their side.

During the last day, we have started the morning more about “next steps” as some of us were planning to stay still in AIESEC, other were looking for other professional experiences, so was more like sharing space about opportunities.

Last part of the day, was more creation of the outputs for the network in groups of people, which was really effective.

As I said at the beginning: good reflection space, looking forward for implementation and I am proud to be part of this change in our network, which will let us grow as never before! #unitednetwork #ThisChangesEverything

Soon you will receive more detailed output from AI Team, so you can have better understand about it.



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