My responsibilities at AIESEC in Sweden 2014-2015

When people ask me, what do I do at AIESEC in Sweden, it is really hard to explain everything. It is really nice title, but what are my responsibilities…
Sometimes is hard to say by words, so I have decided to write them down:

My responsibilities are divided in two:

1) National Director of Finance


– Create of the budget (create the budget with the team taking in consideration previous year results, current partners and future strategies)
– Follow up on the budget (monthly review if we are having incomes/costs in the way that we have planned, if it is not, inform and propose solutions: increase sales capacity, cut budgeted costs…)
– Invoice companies
– Follow up invoices until they will pay, otherwise follow up with the companies
– Evaluate different projects, give financial perspective of investments before/after hand
– Create organizational strategies with the team
– Accounting
– Present quarter reports nationally and internationally
– Pay bills, reimburse team members, purchasing nationally/internationally (cost of opportunity)
– Pay salaries/taxes
– Risk management
– Search for grants
– Close financial year
– Present all books to external auditor
– Take difficult financial decision (crisis management)
– Evaluate news strategies

Locally with 8 local office:

– Continues coaching/follow up virtually and during conferences about how finances are working (risk management, responsible investments, cost of opportunity, budgeting, accounting, grants applications, paying invoices, how to make reports, supervise quarter reports, close financial years, financial motivation…)
– Supervise conferences financially and logistically (supervise budget, estimate/follow up minimum traveling cost, best options how to get to the conference (bus, train, plane, in group, individually) reimburse for minimum traveling cost, supervise conference reporting)
–  Coaching about legalities and following up

2) Global Partner Manager


– Apply for working and resident permits
– Follow up with migration, embassies and companies the starting days
– Find accommodations
– Pick up people arriving, bring them to their new house / first day to the office
– Decide on welcome packages
– Help with banking, tax office, health system, taxes and legal issues
– Extension of working/resident permits
– Create afterwork & other social events

Locally with 2 local offices:

– Supervise that what is done at national level is done at local level

I think the list is getting too long, but it should be more than clear what are my main responsibilities as National Director of Finance and Global Partners.

In order to be at National Level of AIESEC in Sweden you need to be working on a lot of things at the same time during the year. Isn’t that amazing how much you can learn?



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