Ukraine and Russia

As you probably are aware, right now we are having delicate situation between Ukraine and Russia… I won’t go through all details, but we know what all of us we want, is just having peace in the World.

At this moment, there are different governments, people, organisms affected by that, also could be some private institutions. We can observer that some countries are affected more then another and it is not just two countries arrangement, it is much more, but we will see how it will end up.

After knowing the situation, let’s try to analyse WHAT are we doing or COULD we do in order to avoid more conflicts.

Are we doing enough in order to avoid more conflicts? Is it depending on us or there is nothing that we can do?

From my side, as I am involved in non-profit, non-governmental organisation call AIESEC, we are trying to ignore what happen between those two countries, even that is hard for us. Our mission is “Empowering Young People for Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential“. AIESEC was established after II World War, in order to expand understanding of nation by understanding of the individuals and in this way decreasing different conflicts around the World.

How? By making exchangesinternships and global community development programs between different countries.

So it seems like right now, with so delicate situation AIESEC is also affected by that, we have people who are working in “Crimea” territory, but now they don’t know what’s going happen. Are they going be part of Russian or from Ukraine? How does it going affect them?

In our case it is not about naming it like one country or another, is about making positive impact, is about having good relations and about understanding different cultures.

Things are not easy between countries, we are worried about the situation and we don’t want that those different interests would affect the positive impact that we are making around the World.

We have some people from Russia representing other nations, who are also worried about current situation.

During this week, we were present almost 50 countries mostly from WENA = Western Europe/North America MENA at EuroXpro conference in Poland.

It was very emotional for everyone to see that people from Russia, were standing in from of those regions, almost 300 people, saying that even it is hard, they are trying to keep going with our mission, showing that we won’t let different interests act in the way that they want by crossing our hands and waiting what will happen.

So here it is where AIESEC comes into it. This is how we are trying to show that we are all human, that we love each others, it is not about nations it is all about understanding and even that it is hard, we would like to see all the world working on the same goal, improve and change the way of thinking of our society by following our mission. “Empowering Young People for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential”

All the future, relations between countries are depending on WHAT all of us we do NOWHOW we will transmit to our YOUTH what is happening around the World, so we will keep going with our mission as we did since that after II World War, because we believe that all together we can make this positive impact in this society.

BUT, even that we are a lot of people working on it, it is not enough, YOU should be the one also aware of what is happening around and ignore different private interests.

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People do not want to be rich, people want to be richer then others

It is funny to remember the beginning… It is general thinking about the people and I identify myself in that way of thinking…

At beginning when I have started working, it was mostly because I though it is nice to have some extra money, for my own expenditures, to have something extra, to have money just in case… but then it started changing…

When you study economy they teach you how to help to society, but of course normally people at the beginning start thinking about themselves and then, when they think that they have everything that they want, then they will start helping to the society.

There is a big problem, some people are insatiable, they want always more, and there is where the problem appears… (Well, but this is another topic…)

Coming back to what I was saying, so people are getting money, when they have extra money, they start thinking what I can do with that money… Let’s make it work for me! (was also my case…)

People invest their money, they have different opportunities, more risk, more return.. When they are getting more money extra, they start thinking in different way. It is not enough about winning, you need to win more then others! 7% it is not enough, why we are not making 20% per year?

Here is when everything could end in the way that they were not expecting, lose everything… Losing money normally is making you not being happy anymore. From being happy you have changed yourself in being not happy, so what about changing that situation?

Try to find something else where you could use this money, not to get the highest profit but to work on something where you won’t lose it, but you will contribute to something amazing and you will be able to improve/change something…

Once one old man told me, the best investment that you can have is invest in yourself, could be studies, could be personal/professional development or even your own company…

The point is that is hard to find this peak when you will say enough, not all people are able to say STOP, but your future is in your hands! STOP and think about it, so you could avoid disappointments in the future!

As I usually say, Rich person is not the one who has the most, is the one who need the less

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Advise is the form of nostalgia

Always I am getting surprised when I see that people don’t want to listen advises…

Starting from my own experiences…

When I was 16 years old I was working in Spain at different bars with older people. Even that sounds strange, but what I have learnt a lot from working in those places. I would never have learnt that in any kind of education level.

Starting explaining better the situation, so you can imagine better. Our customers were mostly older people, like 60-80 years old. In Spain it is something normal go drinking some vines, beers with other friends even that you are retired (yeah.. at beginning it was strange for me as I came from Lithuania, but now I understand better why)

Mostly those people, when they are retired, some of them don’t have that much to do, so they go talking with everyone and I was the one serving drinks to them, after half year they have become my best friends. At beginning, it was strange to hear all kind of advises that they were saying, but after a couples of month I have stopped and though, wait! They have lived all that I am going to live, perhaps there some true in those advices?

And here it’s come, “Advise is the form of nostalgia

So this is where I am going, when someone is giving the advice, at least listen to him, perhaps he is not 100% right, but if someone is spending his times for you and there is a reason why… Sometimes there is no sense, but sometimes when they are older, they simply saw more things during their life, so perhaps they understand more than me, 16 years old?

Sometimes my friends can’t understand how can I say that one of the best of my friend is an old men 64 years old, they are thinking this is strange but the point is having discussing with older people, you will get better outcomes. And don’t forget our teachers, they are your best friends, they were the one responsible for the way you are now. I would recommend to all of you keep in touch with them, don’t lose the contact because you can learn even more from them, one more time, simply because they have more experience. Don’t ignore older people, they are the one who knows more about the life.

They have read thousands of books and they are even better than WIKIPEDIA for so many things.

Let’s try to think WHY they give you an advice? Well if you become good friend of them, then they will want the best for you, that means that they will try to teach you where they were WRONG during their lives, by preventing you to make the same mistakes.

This is where I am going, let’s try to think about our boring courses at School, University about HISTORY. Why do we study that? Of course it is general knowledge that we need to know but coming back to specific history, my case economic history. Why do I study that?

Because to learn what was wrong and what was good in order to don’t make the same mistakes. It is like experimenting without spending any resources. That helps you analyse situations without having to experiment by yourself.

Take advantage having those old people close to you, it is not enough what your friends say.

The question that I love to ask them is: What would be the advice of your life? You will discover amazing things!

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Transfer laziness into efficieny

As someone said once… “if you want to improve some production process you need to put the laziest person on that production process and he will find the easiest way how to make it more efficient

So here it comes, I am this lazy guy. Who doesn’t like spend his time on things that they can be done more efficiently, so I can focus on other things.

This time it is going be about “DISHWASHING DETERGENT”
Let’s think what do you do when you wash your dishes by hand:

1) Take the bottle

2) Turn it way down

3) Measure the amount of dishing detergent

4) Turn it back

5) Put it down

By doing that so many times I felt that I is hard to measure the amount that I put and I don’t like to work that much so here is what I have done:


It is so simple, just use the dosificator/spray.

Simple ideas make this life easier!

So let’s look what happen with the process:

1) Take the bottle

2) Pres it once

3) Put the bottle down

+++++++++ Points improved ++++++++

1) Saving time 2) Saving amount of detergent

indirect: saving money, taking care more about environment…

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Leadership & Motivation

The first time in my life that I have hear so short definition about Leadership and I love it <3: Intentional influence (JCI)

So what is leading a team? How could you become a leader? How do you inspire other people? How do you motivate them?

There are thousand of questions that all of us we are asking but normally all of them are related with the same. How to motivate someone? Good leader knows how to do that!

I would say, if you want to discover how to motivate people you need to join non profit organisation. One day someone told me, “Tau imagine if you are able to motive, inspire people believe in something at non profit organization, now imagine what could you achieve if you could provide the salary to them also?”

In order to start, I have started looking to myself. Why do I do everything? What do I expect from my life? What goals do I have? What does motivate me to go forward? If you discover all of those things, then you will see if you are going into good direction in order to achieve your goals.

What about other people? It is simple, SHARE: WHY do you do, WHAT do you do

Try to think a couple of hours WHY DO you do everything. Then you will discover believable reasons why do you do everything. And those reasons will inspire other people. I am always asking other people WHY they are working on something, then I am developing my own WHY.

In AIESEC we say, we love stories, so who else going to listen you more, than people who are close to you, people who are you working with.

BUT! It is not enough just showing your motivation, you need to ask them what are their goals, what do they expect from their lives, what are they looking from what they are doing. Let them find their own goals! Then you could be the one just supporting them, showing them the way how to do it in order to achieve their goals.

As Tomas Lindqvist (MCP AIESEC Sweden) said, it is nothing else than trying to do your best for OTHER people, then they will trust you and they will be the one who will get inspire because of YOU and that will be just the beginning of their life journey.

We can influence other people and bring this to other people’s hearts, all together we can make positive changes in this world ❤

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Here you can find different ways that I have earned some money or got professional experience without including education, courses…

Here it is a short video at Lithuanian television program called “Emigrants with summary about my experience (only available in Lithuanian) ”


1) Selling fireworks  – (10 years old)

2) Selling multimedia documents – (10 -11 years old)

3) Computer support and repairs going from home to home – (10 – 22 years old)

4) Selling newspapers  “Lietuvos Rytas” – (12-13 years old)


5) Childcare/private lesson – (13 years old)

6) Picking oranges – (13-14 years old)

7) Other field works – (13-14 years old)

8) Picking asparagus – (14-15 years old)

9) Cleaning almonds – (15 years old)

10) Construction works – (14-15 years old)

11) Cleaning jobs – (14-15 years old)

12) Barman/waiter at “Asociacion Cultural Recreativa Montitura” – (15-17 and 21-22-24-25 years old)

13) Distribution of the phone books at “Telefonica S.A.” – (16-17 years old)

14) Barman at “Big Bang” – (17-19 years old)

15) Barman at “Limite” – (17-19 years old)

16) Barman at “Jhonny’s House” – (17-18 and 20 years old)

17) Barman at “Vargas II” – (17 years old)

18) Barman at “Bar Gómara”  – (18-20 village festivals)

19) Investments at stock markets – (17 years old – actually)

20) Barman at “Piedra Cafe” – (18 years old)

21) Barman at “Cafetería Calle Mayor” – (17-19 years old)

22) Seller, baker of bread, cashier and cleaning jobs – (17-19 years old)

23) Barman at “Bar Aragón” – (18 years old)

24) Writing newspaper at “I.E.S. Valle del Ebro” – (18 years old)

25) Hostess & window mannequin at “Gloss Tudela” – (19-20 years old)

26) Barman at “Tinglao” – (19 years old)

27) Modeling at “Globe Agency” & freelance – (19-21 years old)

28) Waiter at “Los cabezudos” – (19 years old)

29) Comercial at “Iberdrola S.A.” – (19 years old)

30) Barman at “Cafe Meccano” – (19-20 years old)

31) Barman at “La Preciosa” – (20 years old)

32) Waiter during weddings at “Molino San Lázaro” – (20-21 years old)

33) Organization of job fair at “Zaragoza University”, with colaboration of other student associations – (20 years old)

34) Finance team member at “AIESEC Zaragoza” – (20-21 years old)

35) Barman at “Cardamomo” – (21-22-23-24 years old)


36) Sales, HR, Customer Service (OGX department) at “AIESEC in Stockholm” – (21 years old)

37) Head of Finance & Events Coordinator at “TEDxStockholm” – (21 years old)

38) Barman at “Lebanon Meza Lounge” –  (21-22 years old)

39) International Student Ambassador at “Stockholm University” – (21 years old)

40) President at “Erasmus Student Network Stockholm University” – (21-22 years old)

41) Renting properties – (21 years old)

42) External Representative at “Board of European Students of Technology Stockholm” – (21 years old)

43) Vice President of Finance at “AIESEC in Stockholm” – (22 years old)

44) Assisting Auditor at “ESN Sweden” – (22 years old)

45) Conference manager, Finance and Logistics at “AIESEC in Sweden” – (22 years old)

46) Cook at ”McDonalds” (22 years old)

47) Director of Finance and Global Partners at “AIESEC in Sweden” – (23 years old)

48) DJ at “Norton’s” – (23 year old)


49) Founder/Creator at “FuckUp Nights Zaragoza” – (24 years old)

50) Barman at “Ypunto” – (25 years old)

51) Financial Controller at “L’Oreal” – (25 years old)

For sure I missed something… but I will try to update that in the future…

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Positivism, it is the only thing that you need to have to succeed in your life!

If something bad happens, think, well at least I am alive!!

If you lose the wallet with 600€ think well, it is just the money! Perhaps someone is going have fun!

If you breake one hand, think that at least not both.

If you think that you life is bad, think that there are people who are living without potable water…

Everything is depending on how positive you will be… Another example, all of us we know it is difficult to learn languages, but if you are going to say I can do that you will do that, but if you are going to say what other people say… (it is hard… I don’t know if I can make it…) you will never do that. It is MOTIVATION, POSITIVE MOTIVATION.

Look for the movie “The Secret” (P.D. don’t think about the example “money”, this example it is used just because this is what people like to see, creator/director want to sell the movie, so they will show to you what you want to see, try to think about your own example…)

I am going to share one of my personal experiences:

I am always very lucky, but once in my life something went wrong, it was during 2-3 months bad luck and I was saying “No way, it can’t be true” but laughing!! Then I said it is everything planned, someone that I still don’t know who, tried to check how am I going to react during this time, but he/she understood that can’t win! I knew that later, everything is going come back even with more luck than before. It was as I was thinking, after 3 month I received more than double in luck that I lost during those months!!

Then I shared that with one person who REALLY knows me, then she said the same. “It is impossible that something bad going to happen to you, because you are good person”

I am not sharing that for me, already know how does it work and I am using it, but some people don’t, try it! You will see how everything will change!

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The way that people perceive you

… it is midnight, I just came back from going for a walk around the campus Lappis, Stockholm and I am feeling very happy today, due to some upcoming, important dates…

This morning, I was watching one of TEDx talks, speaker call Cameron Russell and she really impressed me with her speech.

She was talking about the power of dressing! Since I was working as the model I understand totally what does she mean, but also I started to feel sad because of how does that affect people’s perception about you…

What I have learnt working as the model is how easy people are manipulated with what they see, I totally understand them, because it is the first thing that you perceive and if you don’t have other opportunity to know more about someone, so you will build something in your mind that perhaps it is not true…

The problem is that some of these people doesn’t understand how much do they lose without understanding this power. When I started working at the agency I was more worried about the way I am looking, because people started observing more the way you dress, the way you act and then it was some kind of easy to make them believe something that really it wasn’t that it was… this was the moment when I starting feel sad…

But there is one more thing, thanks to “this power”, I got more than one job offer just because of the first impression, but without that I wouldn’t be able to get it… If we want to talk in deepest way, also we can mention that is not just the way you look, but also the way you act.

Sometimes in your life you will have to act in the way that some companies want, otherwise they are not going hire you, but please use this power properly and don’t abuse of it…

This is the talk:

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Why not?

I would like to share with you these two videos before starting write down my ideas:

Apart of those videos there is one of my friend that mentioned it before, he motivated me do things without thinking about profit, but thinking about doing something and enjoying meanwhile you are doing it!

As I am studying economics, I am always thinking about profit and costs all the time. What I am going to earn? What is my cost of opportunity if I am going do something else? I have ideas that I would like develop, but sometimes I think “I am not going to have so much profit, sometimes I prefer working for something else where I would get higher profit” but you know, after so many years working, I am not thinking any more about getting more or less profit (of course we are not stupid…) but I am trying to change my mind and think about what other positive “profit” I am going to get (personal realisation) or impact in society.

Perhaps I am not going to gain that much profit, but I am going to help to someone. Perhaps meanwhile I am working on something, I am going to learn something else that I would be able to use in future projects. Perhaps I am going to meet someone like me and we collaborate together and then two motivated people could achieve better goals.

So after those videos that I shared with you, today I was at the beach, eating an apple and thinking when in my life I though about something like “Why am I not going to do that?” I though about those things that I would love someone else did, but no one did that yet. So why am I not going to do that on my own?

Perhaps first time I am not going to get high profit, but I am going enjoy doing that (other positive “profit”). It is going be development of my own project. That will help me improve my entrepreneurship steps in this world.
We can start with some simple ideas, then we will know if we like that or not. If we enjoy doing that and we are going to get some profit as return of being successful, so we can keep doing in the future…

So I encourage you, try to do the same. It is very easy: What would you like to change from you current situation? How many times you though “would be nice if someone create/invent that… ” Why you are not going to do that on your own? We always have free time, some of us even more than others. Sometimes we are thinking I can’t find any job now, there isn’t any job at market, so create something that you can’t find at the market.

All of us though about some things that we would like to find at the market or at least you would buy it if someone else would invent that.

So wake up!! Think about those things and start CREATE something that no one else are doing or at least try do that in better way than others do (different way, at different place, try to be closer to the costumer)

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Lithuania VS Spain

I want to prove that in Spain we are living better comparing to other countries (Lithuania)

I am going compare my family example in order to compare standard of living between of this two countries.

Lets start by image what kind of works I am talking about. My father was working in construction, factories and my mother in some school and with flowers.

So in my country we could survive without effort, by surviving I mean that we could eat perfectly healthy food, have some clothes to wear, some old car like 10-15 years old, have some “holidays” but nothing especial.
Then if we want to buy some new furniture it was quiet difficult, because we needed to save the money for a long time. We used to say that life is depending on day of the month you will get your salary. You used to have exact amount of what do you need for surviving.

Let’s think about Spain. The same situation, same jobs… Before that I would like to give some data:

We are tying to compare domestic product at purchasing power parity per capita, the value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given year divided by the average (or mid-year) population for the same year. (PPP)/per capita, other word standard of living.

We can see that in Lithuania: 20,321 $ and in Spain: 32,045 $

So different in standard of living around 57.5%.

I am going to prove this economics relation in our family’s terms.

In Lithuania my father was earning around 600-700€ and my mother something less. So in total we have around 1500€ per month ( a bit less).

When we came to Spain we realise that at the same jobs my father was earning around 1300-1600€ (with economics boom even more) and my mother around 1200€. Those salaries are quiet similar for people without a lot of education and who are doing something in order to get it… (Always there are cases that you can earn less, but is depending on you, on the job..) So lets make it total of around 2500€ incomes.

Let’s start by looking how much extra money we have left out of our salaries. In Lithuania we had around 10% of extra from the salary per month for (clothes, holidays, something especial).

The largest amount of money that we need is for house utilities. In this we compare totally different things. In Lithuania we weren’t paying “nothing” for our place, some economics/politicians situation from previous governments.

In Spain, buying a house with all insurances and taxes we are paying around 700€ /month, so it is some kind of investment, because after 30 years you will have an apartment.

2500-700=1800€ Then lets think about internet, electricity & phones. let make it 200€. 1800-200=1600. We can buy a new car, like 5 years old, not those 10-15 years old. So around 300€/month, we have left 1300€. (but don’t forget this car is going be like for 10-15years… so by dividing 15000€ in 15 years lets put around 100€ per month) so we have left 1500€ /month

As we are coming from Lithuania we have our own habits, to eat well, healthy and it is not so expensive. Let’s think about eating well (that means with dessert all days, some biscuits, meat, wish, fruits, vegetables… ) at home 4 people during one week around 125€ I will be very generous (should be less) so it is 500€ per month.

So we have left around 1000€ extra for traveling, clothes, restaurant anything that we want.
Don’t forget that we are investing some money in our apartment. Without investment we can have like around 1200€ extra per month.

Lets look at the different between PPP of Spain and Lithuania it was 57.5%.

So we are talking about comparing those 1500€ that we need for survive in a bit better condition than before and we can add those 57.5% so will be 1300€*1.575= 2047.5€
We can be a bit more generous, lets increase our expenditure in 20%!! when would be 1300*1.2=1560€ and 1560*1.575=2457€. If we are not increasing this we can have 1300*1.9=2470. So 90% better. Almost a double.

So now I can prove that we are able to survive with almost one person’s salary in the family.

In this case you can observe clearly the different for medium class in Spain and Lithuania.

Then you will understand why people are moving somewhere else.

For sure situation is changing during the crises, but is changing everywhere.

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