People do not want to be rich, people want to be richer then others

It is funny to remember the beginning… It is general thinking about the people and I identify myself in that way of thinking…

At beginning when I have started working, it was mostly because I though it is nice to have some extra money, for my own expenditures, to have something extra, to have money just in case… but then it started changing…

When you study economy they teach you how to help to society, but of course normally people at the beginning start thinking about themselves and then, when they think that they have everything that they want, then they will start helping to the society.

There is a big problem, some people are insatiable, they want always more, and there is where the problem appears… (Well, but this is another topic…)

Coming back to what I was saying, so people are getting money, when they have extra money, they start thinking what I can do with that money… Let’s make it work for me! (was also my case…)

People invest their money, they have different opportunities, more risk, more return.. When they are getting more money extra, they start thinking in different way. It is not enough about winning, you need to win more then others! 7% it is not enough, why we are not making 20% per year?

Here is when everything could end in the way that they were not expecting, lose everything… Losing money normally is making you not being happy anymore. From being happy you have changed yourself in being not happy, so what about changing that situation?

Try to find something else where you could use this money, not to get the highest profit but to work on something where you won’t lose it, but you will contribute to something amazing and you will be able to improve/change something…

Once one old man told me, the best investment that you can have is invest in yourself, could be studies, could be personal/professional development or even your own company…

The point is that is hard to find this peak when you will say enough, not all people are able to say STOP, but your future is in your hands! STOP and think about it, so you could avoid disappointments in the future!

As I usually say, Rich person is not the one who has the most, is the one who need the less


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