Positivism, it is the only thing that you need to have to succeed in your life!

If something bad happens, think, well at least I am alive!!

If you lose the wallet with 600€ think well, it is just the money! Perhaps someone is going have fun!

If you breake one hand, think that at least not both.

If you think that you life is bad, think that there are people who are living without potable water…

Everything is depending on how positive you will be… Another example, all of us we know it is difficult to learn languages, but if you are going to say I can do that you will do that, but if you are going to say what other people say… (it is hard… I don’t know if I can make it…) you will never do that. It is MOTIVATION, POSITIVE MOTIVATION.

Look for the movie “The Secret” (P.D. don’t think about the example “money”, this example it is used just because this is what people like to see, creator/director want to sell the movie, so they will show to you what you want to see, try to think about your own example…)

I am going to share one of my personal experiences:

I am always very lucky, but once in my life something went wrong, it was during 2-3 months bad luck and I was saying “No way, it can’t be true” but laughing!! Then I said it is everything planned, someone that I still don’t know who, tried to check how am I going to react during this time, but he/she understood that can’t win! I knew that later, everything is going come back even with more luck than before. It was as I was thinking, after 3 month I received more than double in luck that I lost during those months!!

Then I shared that with one person who REALLY knows me, then she said the same. “It is impossible that something bad going to happen to you, because you are good person”

I am not sharing that for me, already know how does it work and I am using it, but some people don’t, try it! You will see how everything will change!


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