Why not?

I would like to share with you these two videos before starting write down my ideas:



Apart of those videos there is one of my friend that mentioned it before, he motivated me do things without thinking about profit, but thinking about doing something and enjoying meanwhile you are doing it!

As I am studying economics, I am always thinking about profit and costs all the time. What I am going to earn? What is my cost of opportunity if I am going do something else? I have ideas that I would like develop, but sometimes I think “I am not going to have so much profit, sometimes I prefer working for something else where I would get higher profit” but you know, after so many years working, I am not thinking any more about getting more or less profit (of course we are not stupid…) but I am trying to change my mind and think about what other positive “profit” I am going to get (personal realisation) or impact in society.

Perhaps I am not going to gain that much profit, but I am going to help to someone. Perhaps meanwhile I am working on something, I am going to learn something else that I would be able to use in future projects. Perhaps I am going to meet someone like me and we collaborate together and then two motivated people could achieve better goals.

So after those videos that I shared with you, today I was at the beach, eating an apple and thinking when in my life I though about something like “Why am I not going to do that?” I though about those things that I would love someone else did, but no one did that yet. So why am I not going to do that on my own?

Perhaps first time I am not going to get high profit, but I am going enjoy doing that (other positive “profit”). It is going be development of my own project. That will help me improve my entrepreneurship steps in this world.
We can start with some simple ideas, then we will know if we like that or not. If we enjoy doing that and we are going to get some profit as return of being successful, so we can keep doing in the future…

So I encourage you, try to do the same. It is very easy: What would you like to change from you current situation? How many times you though “would be nice if someone create/invent that… ” Why you are not going to do that on your own? We always have free time, some of us even more than others. Sometimes we are thinking I can’t find any job now, there isn’t any job at market, so create something that you can’t find at the market.

All of us though about some things that we would like to find at the market or at least you would buy it if someone else would invent that.

So wake up!! Think about those things and start CREATE something that no one else are doing or at least try do that in better way than others do (different way, at different place, try to be closer to the costumer)


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