Ukraine and Russia

As you probably are aware, right now we are having delicate situation between Ukraine and Russia… I won’t go through all details, but we know what all of us we want, is just having peace in the World.

At this moment, there are different governments, people, organisms affected by that, also could be some private institutions. We can observer that some countries are affected more then another and it is not just two countries arrangement, it is much more, but we will see how it will end up.

After knowing the situation, let’s try to analyse WHAT are we doing or COULD we do in order to avoid more conflicts.

Are we doing enough in order to avoid more conflicts? Is it depending on us or there is nothing that we can do?

From my side, as I am involved in non-profit, non-governmental organisation call AIESEC, we are trying to ignore what happen between those two countries, even that is hard for us. Our mission is “Empowering Young People for Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential“. AIESEC was established after II World War, in order to expand understanding of nation by understanding of the individuals and in this way decreasing different conflicts around the World.

How? By making exchangesinternships and global community development programs between different countries.

So it seems like right now, with so delicate situation AIESEC is also affected by that, we have people who are working in “Crimea” territory, but now they don’t know what’s going happen. Are they going be part of Russian or from Ukraine? How does it going affect them?

In our case it is not about naming it like one country or another, is about making positive impact, is about having good relations and about understanding different cultures.

Things are not easy between countries, we are worried about the situation and we don’t want that those different interests would affect the positive impact that we are making around the World.

We have some people from Russia representing other nations, who are also worried about current situation.

During this week, we were present almost 50 countries mostly from WENA = Western Europe/North America MENA at EuroXpro conference in Poland.

It was very emotional for everyone to see that people from Russia, were standing in from of those regions, almost 300 people, saying that even it is hard, they are trying to keep going with our mission, showing that we won’t let different interests act in the way that they want by crossing our hands and waiting what will happen.

So here it is where AIESEC comes into it. This is how we are trying to show that we are all human, that we love each others, it is not about nations it is all about understanding and even that it is hard, we would like to see all the world working on the same goal, improve and change the way of thinking of our society by following our mission. “Empowering Young People for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential”

All the future, relations between countries are depending on WHAT all of us we do NOWHOW we will transmit to our YOUTH what is happening around the World, so we will keep going with our mission as we did since that after II World War, because we believe that all together we can make this positive impact in this society.

BUT, even that we are a lot of people working on it, it is not enough, YOU should be the one also aware of what is happening around and ignore different private interests.


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