The way that people perceive you

… it is midnight, I just came back from going for a walk around the campus Lappis, Stockholm and I am feeling very happy today, due to some upcoming, important dates…

This morning, I was watching one of TEDx talks, speaker call Cameron Russell and she really impressed me with her speech.

She was talking about the power of dressing! Since I was working as the model I understand totally what does she mean, but also I started to feel sad because of how does that affect people’s perception about you…

What I have learnt working as the model is how easy people are manipulated with what they see, I totally understand them, because it is the first thing that you perceive and if you don’t have other opportunity to know more about someone, so you will build something in your mind that perhaps it is not true…

The problem is that some of these people doesn’t understand how much do they lose without understanding this power. When I started working at the agency I was more worried about the way I am looking, because people started observing more the way you dress, the way you act and then it was some kind of easy to make them believe something that really it wasn’t that it was… this was the moment when I starting feel sad…

But there is one more thing, thanks to “this power”, I got more than one job offer just because of the first impression, but without that I wouldn’t be able to get it… If we want to talk in deepest way, also we can mention that is not just the way you look, but also the way you act.

Sometimes in your life you will have to act in the way that some companies want, otherwise they are not going hire you, but please use this power properly and don’t abuse of it…

This is the talk:


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