Leadership & Motivation

The first time in my life that I have hear so short definition about Leadership and I love it <3: Intentional influence (JCI)

So what is leading a team? How could you become a leader? How do you inspire other people? How do you motivate them?

There are thousand of questions that all of us we are asking but normally all of them are related with the same. How to motivate someone? Good leader knows how to do that!

I would say, if you want to discover how to motivate people you need to join non profit organisation. One day someone told me, “Tau imagine if you are able to motive, inspire people believe in something at non profit organization, now imagine what could you achieve if you could provide the salary to them also?”

In order to start, I have started looking to myself. Why do I do everything? What do I expect from my life? What goals do I have? What does motivate me to go forward? If you discover all of those things, then you will see if you are going into good direction in order to achieve your goals.

What about other people? It is simple, SHARE: WHY do you do, WHAT do you do

Try to think a couple of hours WHY DO you do everything. Then you will discover believable reasons why do you do everything. And those reasons will inspire other people. I am always asking other people WHY they are working on something, then I am developing my own WHY.

In AIESEC we say, we love stories, so who else going to listen you more, than people who are close to you, people who are you working with.

BUT! It is not enough just showing your motivation, you need to ask them what are their goals, what do they expect from their lives, what are they looking from what they are doing. Let them find their own goals! Then you could be the one just supporting them, showing them the way how to do it in order to achieve their goals.

As Tomas Lindqvist (MCP AIESEC Sweden) said, it is nothing else than trying to do your best for OTHER people, then they will trust you and they will be the one who will get inspire because of YOU and that will be just the beginning of their life journey.

We can influence other people and bring this to other people’s hearts, all together we can make positive changes in this world ❤


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