Advise is the form of nostalgia

Always I am getting surprised when I see that people don’t want to listen advises…

Starting from my own experiences…

When I was 16 years old I was working in Spain at different bars with older people. Even that sounds strange, but what I have learnt a lot from working in those places. I would never have learnt that in any kind of education level.

Starting explaining better the situation, so you can imagine better. Our customers were mostly older people, like 60-80 years old. In Spain it is something normal go drinking some vines, beers with other friends even that you are retired (yeah.. at beginning it was strange for me as I came from Lithuania, but now I understand better why)

Mostly those people, when they are retired, some of them don’t have that much to do, so they go talking with everyone and I was the one serving drinks to them, after half year they have become my best friends. At beginning, it was strange to hear all kind of advises that they were saying, but after a couples of month I have stopped and though, wait! They have lived all that I am going to live, perhaps there some true in those advices?

And here it’s come, “Advise is the form of nostalgia

So this is where I am going, when someone is giving the advice, at least listen to him, perhaps he is not 100% right, but if someone is spending his times for you and there is a reason why… Sometimes there is no sense, but sometimes when they are older, they simply saw more things during their life, so perhaps they understand more than me, 16 years old?

Sometimes my friends can’t understand how can I say that one of the best of my friend is an old men 64 years old, they are thinking this is strange but the point is having discussing with older people, you will get better outcomes. And don’t forget our teachers, they are your best friends, they were the one responsible for the way you are now. I would recommend to all of you keep in touch with them, don’t lose the contact because you can learn even more from them, one more time, simply because they have more experience. Don’t ignore older people, they are the one who knows more about the life.

They have read thousands of books and they are even better than WIKIPEDIA for so many things.

Let’s try to think WHY they give you an advice? Well if you become good friend of them, then they will want the best for you, that means that they will try to teach you where they were WRONG during their lives, by preventing you to make the same mistakes.

This is where I am going, let’s try to think about our boring courses at School, University about HISTORY. Why do we study that? Of course it is general knowledge that we need to know but coming back to specific history, my case economic history. Why do I study that?

Because to learn what was wrong and what was good in order to don’t make the same mistakes. It is like experimenting without spending any resources. That helps you analyse situations without having to experiment by yourself.

Take advantage having those old people close to you, it is not enough what your friends say.

The question that I love to ask them is: What would be the advice of your life? You will discover amazing things!


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