Transfer laziness into efficieny

As someone said once… “if you want to improve some production process you need to put the laziest person on that production process and he will find the easiest way how to make it more efficient

So here it comes, I am this lazy guy. Who doesn’t like spend his time on things that they can be done more efficiently, so I can focus on other things.

This time it is going be about “DISHWASHING DETERGENT”
Let’s think what do you do when you wash your dishes by hand:

1) Take the bottle

2) Turn it way down

3) Measure the amount of dishing detergent

4) Turn it back

5) Put it down

By doing that so many times I felt that I is hard to measure the amount that I put and I don’t like to work that much so here is what I have done:


It is so simple, just use the dosificator/spray.

Simple ideas make this life easier!

So let’s look what happen with the process:

1) Take the bottle

2) Pres it once

3) Put the bottle down

+++++++++ Points improved ++++++++

1) Saving time 2) Saving amount of detergent

indirect: saving money, taking care more about environment…


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