Why do we do what we do

This simple question WHY?
It is so simple question, which helps you understand everything that you are doing.

Have you ever asked yourself why are you studying? Why are you working on something? Why do you even sleep or eat?

We are supposing a lot of things that we do them because we need to do them, because someone else is doing that or because it was always done.

It is the same about how do you do things. Why do you do something in one way? Someone has teached you, someone had put that in your head, but what about stopping for a while and thinking about how to do things differently. How to improve different processes.

Since I have started asking myself those questions it seems that all things look differently, it seems that everything is making more sense now, everything looks easier and simpler.

What I have realised is that a lot of people they don’t want to complicate their lives, they don’t care why they are doing things in one way. It is just because they have learnt that in some way. If you want to be different than others and improve the way that it was done something in the past you need to ask this question constantly “WHY”Don’t stick to old ideas/ways, improve them, we are here to make changes, this is how we evolve!

Sometimes when you will ask people why do they do something in one way they won’t be able to answer and that just shows that they are totally ignorant, they just accept things without questioning and at the end they even don’t understand what do they do.

It is funny to see that sometimes those things happen, but if you want to make everything simple, you going need to understand:

Why do we do what we do?
How do we do something?
What do we want to do?

Check this link: http://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action

This link had changed the way I perceive the life ❤ I hope it will help you also!



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