Thank you McDonald’s – the best youth, extra job company!

Since I am 12 years old, I have spent part of my time working some extra jobs, just in order to have some “extra” money. I have been working in different countries and different companies and I end up at McDonald’s also. But before that…

I still remember, when I just came to Sweden, I was studying, working at a lot of organisations but also I was looking for some extra job. It was necessary because the country isn’t so cheap. Of course I could live from my money that I have saved previously but also working 10 hours per week is not that bad idea.

I was working somewhere else before, but finally I ended up thinking about applying for McDonald’s. So what I did, I just went to their website and I have applied for all position that they had available in Stockholm, around 15 that time, end of 2012.

I had the interview, all things were going well but then they have asked me about “personalnummer“, it is swedish registration number, which I didn’t have at that time. After everything, the person responsible for HR told me, come back when you will have it and we will hire you, because without that is not possible.

So I spent one year working some other places, as a foreign, without swedish wasn’t that easy, but after a while I got “personalnummer” and then I have approached them again.

It was everything so fast, one the day the email, another day interview and after 10 min I was signing the contract. I have started working there after 1 week!

Let’s analyse what McDonald’s offers to you:

Base salary is: 111.40 SEK
** OB1 is always 19,80:- extra / hour and as follows:
– Monday – Friday between 20.00-01.00
– Saturday between 16.00-01.00
– Sunday 06.00-01.00 ( all day long )
** OB2 is always 37,20:- extra / hour and everyday of the week between 01.00-06.00

100 SEK = 11,06€ = 15,22 $ = 38,19 LT

I got a job during the night ship, during the weekends, just 8 hours per week (I could choose even less) so the night ship is the best paid! I was very happy, I had time to do all my professional things during the week, then go out with my friends during the weekend and then work few ours before going home. Was perfect option!

Working conditions: I am impressed!

– High flexibility
– People high motivated
– International environment
– Team working
– Rotational programme through stations
– No swedish requiered
– Discounts for the products

I couldn’t find a reason why to quit from this place as extra job. When I wanted to have day off, I just had to call them in advance. If I wanted to work more, I just had to apply for it. When I wanted to quit, no problem, just tell them in advance.

Even that it is just extra job, but the treatment that they had with the workers is one of the best that I have ever seen.

We can say that McDonald’s offered to me possibility to stay in Sweden without spending my money until I got some other job related with my background.

Thank you for giving me this chance, McDonald’s!



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