Happiness – What does it mean happiness for you?

Few days ago I had interesting conversation about the happiness. We had it by asking one simple question and simple answer.

(X) – What is happiness for you?
(Y) – It depends.

So here it is how everything has started, but it made me reflect how happy I am and how small things can make me happier.

Here is a small list from 2 hours discussion…

– When people we know are safe and well
– When you are able to be yourself
– When you find the sock that was missing
– When you come back from work and find full fridge of food
– When you have really hot shower
– When you meet your friend/family after long time
– When other people trust you
– When you eat an ice-cream
– When you are coming back home tired and finally you can just go to sleep
– When you can make other people smile
– When you are doing what do you like
– When your plans are going in direction that you were expecting
– When you are working on some project with nice purpose behind
– When you think that you lost something but at last moment you find it
– When you discover new dish
– When someone tells you a compliment
– When you listen that old song from you childhood
– When you finally can undress/dress your hair in the way you like
– When it is warm outside
– When you wake up in the morning and you realize that you still have few minutes left to sleep
– When you adore your colleagues
– When you know what do you like
– When you discover new song
– When you fell in love
– When you travel to unknown country
– When you attend amazing conference
– When you change people’s life
– When you ride a bicycle
– When you discover that there is a way how to don’t iron shirts anymore
– When you feel comfortable with you body
– When you do something good for the society
– When you have place where to live
– When you have access to clean water
– When you come back at home with 1% of battery and you reach to plug in your phone before it turns off
– When you get a driving license
– When you create your first invoice/budget
– When you pay the first invoice
– When you go to sauna
– When you find amazing restaurant
– When you have friends all across the world
– When you get opportunity to start living in new country
– When you are enjoying talking with someone
– When you make original gift to someone
– When someone makes breakfast for you and brings it to the bed
– When you are coming back home and your mother prepares to you a lot of food and you don’t need to prepare anything
– When you move out first time from your parents place
– When you learn something new
– When you don’t need to do the laundry
– When you learn new language
– When you go to the party
– When you start working at your first office
– When you get more responsibilities
– When you meet new people


Try to say me that is hard to be happy… Happiness is everywhere, you just need to know what does it make YOU be happy 🙂



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