EuroXpro 2014

Finally I got some time to sit down…

When people ask me how was it, it is hard to explain for someone who is not AIESEC’er… it is even hard to explain for someone who is AIESEC’ers…

It was a conference with almost 300 people from almost 50 countries. Each person who where there were elected as LCP (Local Committee President) or MCVPs (Vice-president of member committee) well.. this says nothing for non-aiesec’ers…

LCP, is a person who is leading a team from 10 people till 100 people or even more…

MCVPs, is a person who is leading from 50 people till 3000 people or even more…

Imagine, coming to the conference and seeing so many amazing people around you, who are just elected to represent organisation from AIESEC from different countries for upcoming year and this is not everything… they going be the one providing opportunities to other people develop themselves, by working as volunteers inside the organisation with Finance, Sales, HR, Marketing, Couching, Business Development, Recruitment and much more… Isn’t that amazing?

So what do we do in AIESEC? Provide opportunities to other students by going abroad within professional field or help to community with volunteering programs. Now you understand why we are the biggest in the world!

So why this EuroXpro conference? Well, this conference is organised in order to bring people from different regions, so they can understand where AIESEC is going for the next year. What is already planned with all MCP (Member Committee President) from different representatives from different countries, main responsible, president at country level who represent AIESEC. (yeah it is not that easy to explain for someone who is not AIESEC’er)

So what do we do there? We share how do we work, what could be done, why do we do what we do, what could be improved, what shouldn’t be done and how other things could be done! We have spent one week talking about work, yes WORK, but we LOVE WHAT WE DO. This is why we are there, because one of our VALUES is ENJOYING PARTICIPATION! We work because we want to change things in the world, because we believe that there are lot things that could be improved and we are willing to be part of this change.

BUT we are NOT ALONE. We deal with largest companies in the world, they LOVE US! They love what we do, they want to work with US, they SUPPORT US, they want to CONTRIBUTE to make this IMPACT even LARGER! They are the one who are looking for TALENT, they are the one PROVIDING those internship opportunities, they are the one making those AMAZING WORKSHOPS, they are the one making those conferences possible. They are the one helping us financially, because it is not easy SURVIVE as non-profit organisation as we have so huge ambitions and we have so many people helping out!

Just to mention few companies who helped us to make it possible: Google, DHL, TATA, Microsoft and much more, with amazing speakers from across the world… It is just amazing to see so many people willing to help us to make it possible!

We had amazing workshops in order to debate how to solve world problems, how those big companies could make this impact also! It is not just profit, it is impact in the society that really matters. They love our VALUES and they SEE that those values are important to us, so they want implement those values in their business model in order to attract those amazing people after their journey in AIESEC.

Why? Because we enjoy making business, this is other way of working!

It is just positive energy during all the conference, we dance, we sing, we cry, we experiment different cultures habits, we become friends and we become united after this week BUT it is NOT EVERYTHING.

Then we need to go back to our country that we represent and TRANSMIT that to our members who voted us in order to represent them, then all network is aware about what should be done. Everything has clear connection with people behind.

That is why I love AIESEC, because AIESEC is about the people and we have clear goals, making positive impact around the world!


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  1. +359889447990 says:

    The moment when I have the memory of EuroXpro 2013 – one of the strongest experiences I have ever had with so much energy, passion, purpose, ideas, enthusiasm and all with the idea to change the world and make it a better place.

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