The power of the network <3

Help, support, knowledge exchange, being human, believing in others ❤ Those are the key points which help to companies, organisations to grow!

Today I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life and I would like to say THANK YOU for that! It is simple, I just needed to know something, but by using my network I was able to get information without an effort!

Let’s think how personality of someone is built. Co-workers? Parents? Friends? Their own interests? Experiences? Teachers? All of those things together influence your personality.

So in my life, I had a lot of people who helped me out and helped me understand that without them I wouldn’t be the same. So right now I am the first one in helping out to others, because I believe that in this way we can change someone else lives. It could be organisation, it could be a companypersonality of someone everything! This is what you remember all the life.

I am the first one saying thank you for my parents, who gave me opportunity to go abroad, to my friends for all support, to organisations showing amazing business world, to all my network for supporting me, because this is about being human.

One day is for me and another day is for you, you shouldn’t help just because you want something in return. Helping it means:

give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; contribute strength or means to; render assistance to; cooperate effectively with; aid; assist: He planned to help me with my work. Let me help you with those packages

So be global, don’t keep your knowledge just inside yourself, share it, ask for things from others, this is how people will remember you and this is how we will make changes around the world! ❤



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