International Business Student Week with Stockholm University School of Business

International Business Student Week with Stockholm University School of Business

Amazing initiative, I really have enjoyed this week and it is still not the end…

I just want to spread awareness about this event and great opportunities that brings to everyone who join it!

Benefits? MANY!

○ Expand your network across the Europe
○ Discover/visit different companies
○ Work on different business cases
○ Get professional advises
○ See opportunities after graduation
○ Get professional contacts
○ Have fun!

Just for mention few companies that were present: Ethical Council at AP Fonden, Handelsbanken, IKEA and much more!

I really like “Ethical Council at AP Fonden” presentation and debate!

We saw how the money that we are paying for our pensions is managed by them investing in different companies, funds and so on.

Why do they invest this money? Because they need to cover the gap between what are we paying to make sustainable pension funds and what we really need per year. It is so amazing how they analyse all details about the company that they want to invest in. They are not just analysing, but they are also giving advices to companies how they can improve in order to be more sustainable at long term. Isn’t that amazing?

It is like consultant company, which gives you advises what should you do in order to run better!

I really like the diversification that they had, I totally agree that is the key of succeed and even more when you are working with that amount of money. We saw how important is to have it separated from the governmental funds, even that the government is interested in that money, but that belongs to everyone who paid it, not to the government.

in general, all IBS Week it is very educational, very BUSINESS so don’t lose this change next year!


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