Set your goals

Another day I met on guy, this time it is going be anonymous..

Well the point was that we were talking a lot about the life, about positives impact in society, economy, politicians… everything!

Everything started with one easy question: What are you expecting from your life? What are your goals in the life? Not finish studying, not get the job, not money…

He gave me an example, why we are not going to set big goals for our life, like be known by everyone who saved 100 people life, improve some other people life in good way or any other positive impact.

He said, my goal is: I would like to get a lot of money in order to live without working and spend as much time as I can with my children and help to other poor people in order to improve their life, then I would be well known even when I won’t be alive.

After hearing that I though that all of my goals lose the importance…  I have never stopped to think about that, mostly there was some kind of good job, had some good holidays all the years… and then he said: Ok “survive” I recognised that he was right even it was difficult to say that…

Then he told to me, it is better to try reach something big, than try to reach something that for sure you are going to do.. All your life is depending on your goals, if you don’t have any goals you will stay without doing nothing especial. If you have some good goals you will be motivated to do that, you will receive support from other to make it possible. Perhaps you won’t be able to do that, but at least you will try to do that and never will said “Why I didn’t try that?”

So, What are your goals during this life?


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