CV and Social networks

This time is going be some kind of suggestions, observations..

After this short period of time, I had opportunity to see CV’s, profiles of people who are applying for important positions…

After that, I am trying to talk with people that I care about, but it is impossible to talk with everyone…

So I am going to share this in my blog:

PLEASE change your childhood email, if you are using this email for contacting with your friend you can keep it. There is another way, create another account, with your name and surname, some short name, something professional and you can link to you old email.

So when people will contact you, you will just receive an email to your old account and you can reply from the new one. In this way we are not going to see “” “” “”.

On the other hand, you know that it is very easy to write your name on Google, Facebook, Tuenti, anywhere…

Even if I am busy, I am curious about people who are applying… before you come in I always come 10 min before, meanwhile I am waiting check all information about you online… and if you came late, I have even more time read about you.

If you are going to apply for any position, it takes 15 seconds to check your name and information about you online, so could be decisive…  I can get so much information about you, so please, try to avoid publish something what couldn’t help for your professional life. At least try to use privacy settings at all platforms. In this way you will not going have those problems…


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