AIESEC has changed my point of view about the life

Everything started a bit more than one year ago…

One day I was walking at University of Zaragoza and I saw some advertisement saying “Would you like experience leadership experience? Join multinational company meanwhile you are studying…” So I decided to come to this info meeting, I though I can listen what is AIESEC.

First time when I came, I was with my friend. After presentation we though that is some kind of sect or something, they where talking about changing people’s life, be the best, improve your skills and I couldn’t get the general point of view of organisation.

After meeting, during 3 months, I always was thinking about: I never work for free, if I have opportunity to get some well paid job, why I am going to work for free?

Then, one day I though that would be nice to get this international experience, even that I came from other country I though would be nice to go abroad with ERASMUS programme. Then I read that for people who were working at AIESEC during the previews year, they are going to get some extra point for ranking, but I couldn’t get those because I didn’t join AIESEC in my life.

Then I though, well if for joining this organisation they are giving even some extra points, should be something important! Then I contacted for another time, for another info meeting.

I have listened for another time, this time it wasn’t focused on changing the life, it was more orientated about develop some professional skills of your background and also this “international experience”. I though that would be nice to have this experience before going abroad, then I said YES to AIESEC.
After talking with the president of organisation, Vanesa Luño, she gave me other point of view about organisation, this professional one.

So I decided to join, see how is going… As I was working I though I will see, if they are not going ask me some money or something, I will join this organisation and I will see if I am going to learn anything…

Then I meet one guy from finance, Carlos Lozano. He was VP of Finance and we started to talk about finance staff. I saw that it was interesting, we were using my knowledge in practice!

Then my mind started think in total different way: Wait, you are not going to get paid for this job, but you are going to get some professional skills, you are going meet people who are looking the same like you so this is going be even much more important for your life than money!

After one month inside the organisation, I started understand better what they do, then finally I understood that is not waisting of my time and I wouldn’t mind to pay for this experience! Then there were some people who came from other countries to give us some trainings, I couldn’t believe that this was so big!! Then I had opportunity go to Granada, it was my first international conference in my life! It was amazing, I became so motivated and I didn’t care eve to pay like 200€ for the ticket and other staff. I was thinking 3 days experience, I had to work 4 days for that but it was worth that!

I saw that people who are joining this organisation, all of them they were looking for the same. Get professional experience and then I understand that we are making positive impact around the world with our job.

When I started my ERASMUS experience I contacted AIESEC in Stockholm and I showed my interested to joining OGX (outgoing exchange) team. I couldn’t believe that I am working now in other country, for the largest international organisation formed by students in the world! So then was the moment when everything started…

After 6 or even more years working for money I said, that is enough. I have enough money, what I need is this professional experience. I saw that I really enjoy working at this organisation. I never though that I am going to have opportunity go to other country and start working at the same company. Interviewing people, contacting with people in order to hear their offers in other countries and would be able to offer this opportunity to other people.

I could understand that I am changing the life for some of you, AIESEC is tool which help you develop your skills, so that is why I always say to others “I inform you about opportunity, if you want, you can join, if you don’t you will lose something amazing. It is your choice”

As I was saying before, AIESEC was just the beginning of what I am doing now. Then I started look for other possible organisations, where I can join even paying some money, in order to get this professional experience. I met so motivated people, creatives, who were interested in changing others life, making positive impact around the world.

So after this years joining AIESEC, we can see that from 80% of my free time working for the money it has decreased to 20% working for the money and 60% working for free in order to get professional experience and see that wasn’t working, it is pleasure!

I should say thank you for those guys from AIESEC in Zaragoza for changing my life in good way, I even prefer to be able heard about AIESEC few years ago, but I have some time!


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