Distinction between offer and demand of job

It is very simple idea that a lot of people never stop to think about. Like usual I like starting by defining shortly some definitions, than there isn’t any confusion.

Demand: Request peremptorily or urgently something
Offer: Present or proffer (something) for (someone) to accept or reject as so desired

Let’s think about that, so normally we say that: Company, is offering the job and we are demanding the job. We shouldn’t think in this way.

Who is working? You for the company or company for you?

You are offering your skills, your time, you effort… So you are offering your hand, head… to achieve the company’s goals. In economics terms we used to say Labor (productive work, esp physical toil done for wages) We offer labor in order to get wage.

When companies say that WE are offering the job, they want make it looks like that they are doing a favour to us, not that we are doing this favour to them. That is the main reason why they said that WE ARE OFFERING THE JOB. Company offer the salary that you are going to get for offering you labor.

Take that in mind when you going to apply for some job.


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