Control of your mind

I remember an example of Google. I still remember when I was young, the place of working at Google was really relaxing. Was something new for me, really nice atmosphere, places to have a break, do some sports or play some games… Looks everything but not the office.

Then they showed me that if we are happy, we are more productive, then we can achieve better result in everything. After that I started to think how can I put in practise this example and I realise that we can put everywhere!

The most common example is when I am studying, there are moments when we don’t want do anything, your mind is blocked.

So lets think about the way how our mind is working. Look at children, how they are learning at school. They are learning by playing!

The best solution to understand and learn well everything is making your brain happy!

You just need to think when you are stressed you never can understand something new or complicated. What you need is just find something that makes you happy. Some people prefer read something funny, some of them listen music, chatting, eat something sweet, anything that makes you happy.

If you discover this thing that makes you happy, you will understand why I am saying all the time “Life is Simple”. You will be able to achieve everything you want because at the moment when you will feel bad, you just going to do something that you really enjoy. After that your productivity will increase for sure.

Some advise: 1) Should be something that doesn’t take so much time. Otherwise you are going to spend more time on it than on the project that you are working on.


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