I just came back with motivation and news ideas.

– Firstly, the first big change is going be that I am going to publish everything in English. The reason why I am going to do that is because I am keeping in touch with people from all the world, so would be nice that all who are interested, could understand what I am writing about.

It’s going be big challenge for me, but I think it is going help to my personal and professional life.

I will focus mostly about things that make me think about a life. I will try to share what I have learn during my life or what I will learn in near future, sometimes there will be some personal experience, ideas, studies something that I think would be useful to share with you.

In my opinion, mostly it helps to me write my own ideas down. After writing I always remember better that I learned.

The person who invite to me start blogging was Andrés Perez Ortega, he gave me many reasons to understand the importance of doing that.


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