It is interesting to compare different money exchange places to see which one is the cheapest one. Today I wanted to exchange 35 USD to EUR in Spain.

Today’s official exchange rate is 1€ EURO = 0,93$. In this case it would be 35$x0,93=32.55 €, but as exchange places they need to live too, they charge you some commission.

Before exchanging the money, I decided to go to few different places so I could compare the differences between them.

Here you can see what few of them were offering to me for 35$:

  • 29.10€ Universal de cambios 0,83 (11% commission)
  • 26.93€ Ria (one place) 0,76 (18% commission)
  • 27.60€ Ria (another place) 0,78 (16% commission)
  • 26.29€ Global Exchange  0,77 (17% commission)

My recommendation would be always to check at different places before exchanging the money, because you can save a lot of money.



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