Do you wanna get 100€ for free in Spain?

There are millions ways how someone can gain some extra money. It could be for example by working overtimes, having a second job, investing or simply managing your money properly.

I am the one who prefers manage the money properly.

Few weeks ago I have discovered an amazing opportunity how to get 100€ (79€ after taxes) without working.

It is simple, you just need to receive your money monthly for the salary, pension or unemployment to the bank called Openbank during one year. The minimum is 600 euros monthly or 1000 euros if you are older than 31 years old.

How does it work?

  • Open your bank account and subscribe to the promotion at before end of March
  • Sing all the documents
  • Send it all by post or bring it to Santander’s offices
  • Transfer some money to your new bank account in order to very it
  • Receive your salary, pension or unemployment to your new bank account before end of April
  • They will transfer you 100€  (79€ after taxes)

What does happen if you just receive the money during 6 months instead of 1 year?

  • They simply will discount proportionally how long have you been receiving it. Example if you have received your salary for 6 months and you won’t received it anymore, they will charge you 79/2=39,5 €

Do you get anything else a part of those 100 € (79€ after taxes)?

  • Great bank account for free during your entire life
  • No commissions for national/international transactions
  • No commissions for card or bank account
  • Even if you won’t receive your money in the future it will be for free your bank account, card and transactions
  • There is an option to have a deposit, paid monthly, with 0,4% yearly. You can always have your money without penalisation

Don’t miss your chance!




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