Movistar VS Vodafone

It is all about being nonconformist… At this point in time I was paying almost 700 euros for 2 mobile phone lines with 200 free minutes + unlimited phone calls from fixed phone nationally to fixed and mobile phones + internet.

Few days ago, Vodafone had an offer for new clientes, by having internet and two mobile phones for close to 500€ per year. I called them asking why I don’t have any discount, saying that is unfair, but they said that there is nothing to do, it is just for new clientes…

Then I call to the competition, Movistar, which at the same time they had almost the same offer, in total I would have paid close to 500€ per year (cartel??). I have fixed everything with them and decided change the company.

Today Vodafone has called me by giving me another offer, saying that they just can lower me the price to 450€ per year by maintaining everything and even by giving me more services.

By being nonconformist you can save close to 35%. You should spend 30 min of work for 250 euros… I think’s worth it!

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 12.34.36.png


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