Fighting for change

Few years ago, I came back to my home city (Alytus, Lithuania) and I have decided to visit my teacher from childhood, after almost 10 years. We had an interesting discussion about a lot of things and at some moment she told me “you know what, I feel something there is inside of you that hasn’t changed since you were really young”.

She told me, that since I was really young, I was “fighting for the justice”. I have never stopped to think about it, but after reflecting a little more, I have realised that a lot of things were really related.

As I want you to understand better about what I mean, let me share with you an example that has happened to me recently. I was taking some course at my university and I had a teacher, who let’s say is thinking that everything that he is saying is going be okay, because no one is going confront him as people are “scared” as it could affect their grades. One day, teacher told us to print over 70 pages in a room of close to 100 people, which would be a total of 7000 pages. I asked him, if we could we have it in PDF file instead of printing, so we can save some trees and as we are at economics university and we are talking all the time about cost of opportunity would be more appropriate…  He replied to me in front of 100 people “Nothing is going happen if you will cut few more trees…”I was a bit in shock about his comment, so after the lecture, I have approached him and asked him if he realised that he is at higher educational institution and those comments are not the best in front of 100 people who are learning there. He has apologised and he has promised that it won’t happen again and he will try to find a way to do it for the next year in digital format, because it was not enough time to change it this year.

The idea behind is not that I wanted to have his apology, but I wanted to change his way of thinking that no one is going complain and by quiet, so he should be careful with those comments in the future. Moreover, it is not about just the way he is thinking, but also is about how is he treating the environment by printing that many pages when there is an alternative.

What I want with this post is mostly make you to understand that it is in your hands to change the world that we live in. Don’t be conformist, if you see something wrong somewhere, call attention about it. We are here in this world for making these positive changes, it is not just complaining, it is about changing the society in good direction.

My recommendation: be careful about the way you will transmit those advices, a lot of people don’t like be corrected.

Change your thoughts and you change your world – Norman Vincent



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