Save money on your car insurance

Like a month ago, I have started looking into my parent’s cars insurance. We had two cars in two different companies, because last year was the best deal to have it in this way.

This year, one month before our insurances has expired, we contacted the insurance broker to see what we can do. We had one incident with our old car, which had third party insurance and another one with our new car, which had comprehensive coverage, where someone else damaged our car. Both insurances were at the same person name.

We paid last year:

  • 450 € for almost new car with comprehensive coverage at Mutua Madrileña
  • 240€ for older car with third party insurance at Zurich

After we have spoken with broker, he said that there was nothing to do, no one wanted  to insure our new car at the same name and as my mother never had insurance was going to be almost +150€ more expensive… About the old car, he said that there was nothing to do, we must to stay at the same company for +70€ as we had an accident and we were guilty for it…

Then we called to Mutua Madrileña and they told us that we will need to pay +10 euros for renewing our new car insurance and Zurich wanted me to pay 310 € for old car, which would be a total of 770€.

We have checked some other companies, at some website where you can compare different insurance companies and we got some attractive prices. New car for 370€ and for the older one 270€. It looked like a good deal but we though, let see if we can get something lover. By the way, were the same insurances, with same advantages.

Then we called to Mutua Madrileña again and we told them that we are considering leaving the company because they are increasing the price for our new car. They told us that it is normal that the price is increasing, because each year everything is more expensive, but she will see what she can do. After a while she said, what about you would pay the same amount but you will have lover insurance franchise (the amount that you need to pay, so they can fix any damage you have in your car even if you are responsible for the accident) for the new car, lowering it from 200€ to 150€. We said no. Then she said let me see again. She said what about you pay 460€ but she gives us 90 € in fuel, we said no because it would cost us the same like in other company (460-90=370€) and the she told us that she will give us 120€ in fuel, which would be like (460-120=340€). Then we agreed with her because it was even lower than in other companies.

After we signed the deal, we asked them about our other car, where we had an accident and we were responsible for it. She told us that they could offer 280€ but we said that is too much, last year we paid 240€ and now you want to charge us more… now we would have two cars with Mutua and so on… Then she said, let me look to it again… After a while she said, ok, I will give you 280€, but next month I refund you back 40€ which would be 240€ in total like you paid before and finally we agreed on it.

In total the broker told us that we would need to pay:

  • 600 € for new car for comprehensive coverage with 200€ insurance franchise
  • 310 € for old car for party insurance

If we do nothing, we would have paid:

  • 460 € for new car for comprehensive coverage with 200€ insurance franchise at Mutua Madrileña
  • 310 € for old car for party insurance at Zurich

The last option is doing it ourselves:

  • 450 – 120 in fuel = 330€ for new car for comprehensive coverage with 200€ insurance franchise
  • 240 € for old car for third party insurance at Mutua Madrileña

Looking at all numbers and comparing with previous year when we have paid total of 690€, after having one accident where we were responsible for it and another one where we were not, broker told us 910€ (32% more), if we did nothing 770€ (12% more) and if we negotiate by ourselves is 580€ (16% less).

Again, it is all about being nonconformist. We got the same services after having two incidents for even lover price…



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